I just want to speak. :(

I just want to pour my heart out. Im really sad and i dont know what to do about it. I feel like my existence doesn’t matter to most of them and this includes my family. It makes me angry, sad, and sometimes nuetral about it. I’ve been a very bright student all my life, tried impressing my parents especially my mom but nothing seems to make her love me as much as she loves my sister and my younger brother. I’ve had suicidal thoughts before but im way past that now. The thing is that i have so many issues tangled that idk which one to talk about first ! I’ve got relationship issues, mental health issues, family issues, insecurities and just so many more but what i dont have is someone that actually makes me feel important. I had someone like that but things couldn’t work out between us for so many reasons !


Hey @kay, thank you so much for being here and sharing! I hope that you feel cared for and loved here and I also hope that this can be a place where you feel safe and supported to talk about anything going on in your life. I am so sorry that you are going through these difficult experiences.

I know that we have never met before and that I hardly know you, but your existence matters to me and I care about you. I’ve had similar experiences where no matter what I did, it felt like my Dad would never love me as much as my brother. It can be a really terrible place to be, so I’m sorry you have to go through that. It was really easy to find my worth from that one relationship, but something that has helped me that what my dad thinks of me is not my identity. Still really hard to have those experiences, but I have tried to love my self a little more and know that I am enough.

I think that reaching out here is a great step, so thank you for having the strength to post here. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you ever need someone to talk to! You are not alone and you are loved.


Hi Kay. Can i be your friend?
I want to make you feel important because I already know you are.


Hey ! Yes you definitely can . Im so glad to wake up to these messages and it made me happy :100::ok_woman:t2: !!


Hey ! Thanks alot for being here and supporting me​:pleading_face::raised_hands:t2:. It really means alot, tbh i didnt expect any reply and i was gonna just carry on but seeing this makes me feel so hopeful :cherry_blossom: ! Its like i have something to turn to when im upset or happy or whatever ! Im sorry that you had to go through the same before too :pleading_face:. It does sucks haihh. You’re actually right, they dont define my identity and im so much better than most of them :ok_woman:t2:. Thanks alot for reaponding :slight_smile:


From: ezbutnotsoez

there are people out there who care. and you matter. I wish you the best in your future! hugs


Listen… thank you for opening up.

You are forgetting one important thing… You already are important. Your value, your worth, your “importance” does not have to come from another person. You are born already important. You are a human being, this makes you someone of value.

It’s like you look in the mirror and feel nothing you don’t see someone of importance. That straight-up sucks. It’s not okay. Being here and thinking this really is hard.

You are important.


From: e_thehuman

it’s a hard hill to climb when you feel your value is placed on how hard you have to work to prove your worth. I just want you to know you have infinite worth just being you. We see you. Much love

Welcome to a community of people that know you’re important. I struggled with a similar thing - my parents favoured my sisters and I was the target of abuse… I had to learn that my parents do love me, but they for some reason struggled to show it to me in the same way they showed it to my siblings. I too have suicide attempts in my past, and self harm/addiction. The best thing I can suggest is, when you’re ready to start unloading, just do it. Your therapist/the person you’re talking too will help you find where to start and begin working. I thought I would never find a place or person that would make me feel important. Coming to this community has given me that feeling of importance. It’s a place I know that I can make a difference - just like you did by sharing here today. You’re loved friend - you’re important. Let us show you that <3

Hold Fast

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The guys covered your topic on the stream today. Hold Fast


Hi friend. I want to pour my heart out too, a lot. :sob: Just trust that I’m going to support you no matter what, and I’ll never give up on you. Keep holding on. :heart:

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