I keep failing in school

Everyone of my family thinks i should be passing but i haven’t gotten even a B since 5th grade I know they just keep yelling at me and threatening because i’m not doing better I just want them to stop and accept that i suck at school and learning

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Hey Friend,

It sounds like you’re going through a pretty stressful time right now. School can be so difficult, but just because you are struggling doesn’t mean you are stupid or that you are incapable of learning. I think it just means you haven’t found the learning style that fits you best yet! Everyone learns differently and unfortunately not all schools take that into consideration, but there are resources that can help you find how you learn best! Have you looked into extra help like tutoring to help you in the classes you are struggling in?

I have had tutoring before and it didn’t help me that much I just don’t understand why people expect so much out of me

Do you think you might be selling yourself short? Like maybe you are assuming you will do bad because of what has happened in the past? I feel like you may not be giving yourself enough credit.

I don’t know I’ve tried so many differant things and none of them have worked

What are some of the other things you have tried?

I have tried medication, therapy, tutoring, all nighters to try and understand concepts better, asking teachers for help with assignments. and none of them helped

I’m sure that had to have been very frustrating. Maybe the tutors you have had just haven’t been the right match or haven’t understood the way you learn best?

Okay, as someone who has been in the struggle you are facing I can tell you this. You will succeed more at life than the people who has never made less than an A. The difference between you and them is this. They don’t know what it’s like to bomb a test or struggle through a semester. You on the other hand are experiencing exactly just that. Even if you edge out with C’s you’ll still get the same diploma that they will. My English teacher back in my junior year told me that people who can handle failure and figure out a way to do better the next time around will survive life. Failure isn’t a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to grow. No matter how you do in school if you get the diploma you win. As far as learning itself goes, if you’re struggling with something specific, youtube is a great way to learn the same topic from a different perspective. I hope this helped a little.


I’ve never related to anything more in my life. i haven’t gotten a b since 5th grade either my parents just think i’m lazy and tell me i’m not trying but i am i’m just so tired of everyone telling me i just need to focus and ill be fine. God sometimes i wish i could just switch brains with people.


Im kinda going through somthing similar. At least the part about how I suck at school/learning. I actually was in a giant youtube hole and I stumbled on this website. Its weird… I just want to feel like a normal student who studies and gets good grades and doesnt fail out. But, it seems so pointless. Life seems pointless. I wish It was easier to find people who want to study together and motivate each other through this nonsense… but with zoom, my personality, and life in general, making lasting conections is hard.

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