I keep making the same mistakes

I have broke and might out the job. Last night I had a mental breakdown and punch the floor. I feel shit cant work or playing guitar. It even hurt typing, I feel made alot of mistakes in my life and never going to change.

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Hey friend, thanks for reaching out.

Life is a long combination of choices. One thing I learned - the hard way - there is no good or bad choice to be made. We make our decision based on our experience, background…

Mistakes are made. There is no one that ever made everything right. I don’t know what kind of mistakes you made, but most of the times everything is fixable. It’s ok not to be ok, and ever if it’s hrd, do not concentrate on your past mistakes. Past should stay dead, and there is no point for this.

This is not something you can learn overnight, but try to stay focused on the future (even when there is none!) and you’ll have the clearer vision.

Also don’t believe you are alone in this: I’ve been bankrupt in the past and I know how hard it is. I’ve been living the minimal way since then, but if I hadn’t taken it as a lesson for the future, I might just be in the same spot today.

Love you ╳

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