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I know I'm done with life since more than a year, but can't ended yet

My short story is, I’m 30 years old in a toxic relationship, but it was not like that years ago, my love story i find it epic, i used to feel like i was the luckiest person i know, i also was a different person, i had a mountain high ambition, and i accomplished so many things in my life that it’s impress me till now about how i did it, even when my first depression was before my relationship, my first depression was because i lost everything and everyone i care about in war, but my love to that girl keept me alive, but now after years together i cannot stand her i hate her, i have a 3 years old daughter from her, it’s started all after i discovered a new part of her i didn’t recognize before, and with time specially since a year ago the gap between me and her keeps growing, and now I’m certain that i can’t take it anymore, the thing is, she was the reason why i wanted to stay alive and now this reason is gone, depression therapy didn’t work, i love my daughter so much that it’s breaking my heart, because how things went for her to grow up in a separated family the same way i grew up with my mother without a father, im not like my father, he was an asshole, so since a year i wanted to end my life, but i was not doing it because of my daughter, as i said I love her, but im so tired, and i know she will be sad to know what i did, but i know she can survive without me, so i don’t know now what I’m waiting for, I’m working 6 days per week and i hate my job so much, and I’m studing university and this is adding extra burden, because i know there is no reason any more to keep fighting or think about the future, I’m not afraid of dying I’m only afraid of continue living,
I’m not interested in people any more even the people i know they would die for me, the last time i opened a conversation with someone or responded properly to any conversation headed to me was 6 months ago, didn’t contacted any one, i feel empty i feel that i have no feelings any more, just a machine moving around to hold on things that i don’t care about anymore.

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my heart aches for you. I’m so sorry that you feel like that love between you and this girl is gone or fleeting. Relationships are so tricky. They’re certainly not as easy as a fairy tale. Maybe try some couples therapy? Or find out what has changed and maybe try to recreate some of that spark from the beginning of your relationship? start over with her essentially? I’m sure you’ve both changed and grown a lot.
I’m glad you have a daughter you love. She is an amazing reason to live! Focus on that amazing parental love. She may be able to survive without you but she shouldn’t have to. She will have times when she will need you, and perhaps right now you need her.
I’m so sorry things are dark right now. Don’t give up. Why did you start school? Will finishing get you into a job you hate less? It seems like you might need to make small changes here and there to get to a healthier place. Maybe discuss the thought of healthy life changes with a counselor?

Just throwing ideas out there. No one deserves to feel like their life is not worth living. You deserve joy and love. Hoping you find some reignited passions for life. No one should have to fear living. Your life is worth living. You are worth it. Your daughter is worth it. Just fight a little longer friend.