I know this probably isn't a reason to get upset but

My long nail broke! I’ve been growing them out for about 4 months now. And one of them cracked and I feel absolutely distraught now. I have to cut them all down and start over. I’ve been trying to get them to be long because I think long nails are pretty. I wanted to make them sharp too, kinda like vampires. And it takes so much work and I’m upset cause I really wanted pretty nails and it feels like my day is ruined. Now I have to wait another 4 months to get them back cause they were pretty long already! I almost beat my record from last time. And I cried when I had to cut them last year. This is highly frustrating.


I used to keep my nails all dolled up when I was younger. I know how you feel because I have this rule that all my nails have to be the same length; if one breaks they all get cut. It’s frustrating when you’ve let them grow for so long and then one breaks for sure.

After I had my son, I stopped growing them long because I didn’t want to scratch him.

Now, I keep them pretty short. It’s just easier that way. It’s really not worth my energy to be upset about because they are just fingernails. Whenever they grow, they break… it’s life. Something you just have to accept to be honest.

Feel your emotions because they are valid, but then decide that it’s not going to ruin your day. This isn’t something you can control and will most likely happen many more times. Don’t let it destroy you each time.

Added in later…

I don’t know how you feel about press-on nails? Is that an option? Personally, the only time I ever used them was at my wedding. I just thought I’d ask.


I feel this deep in my soul- I’m growing my nails out too, because it makes my hands look prettier. they’re a decent length now, but I’m constantly anxious one of them is gonna break! i got very upset the last time i had to cut them all short; i don’t like how my hands look with short nails.

i bought myself some top coats that are for fragile nails and they work pretty well! so if you don’t have one of those already, I highly recommend them! they also make your nails shiny :]


I have some clear nail hardeners. I’ve just been wary of them cause it makes them super duper hard and its easier for them to snap under only a little pressure. My nails are super tough now and they bounce back well when put under some pressure. But I don’t know what happened today. I don’t know if I hit anything hard enough for to crack but yeah. I could use some basic clear coat. Could protect my nails without hardening them too much.

Also same! My nails make my fingers look a bit thinner and nicer. It sucks to have to cut them. Hopefully next time I have better luck though


Hi Amaris
It might seem like a silly thing to get upset about (I am a guy so it isn’t exactly relatable either) but the fact is I have gotten upset a lot about even sillier things. Like the time I was peer pressured by my family to have my hair cut but I didn’t want to because I wanted to have the “anime” style haircut :upside_down_face:. That was a silly thing to cry about :grin:. When we care about something and it it taken away from us we get upset and again it is the small things that make your day better so it makes sense to get upset when one of these gets ruined.

I hope next time your nails will be long and beautiful :wink: Take care Amaris.

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