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I know what this is like, all too well… a daily struggle for sure.

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Yes - the daily part of it is both familiar and completely exhausting. It’s hard to know that every day this kind of weight is going to bear down on you - or the panther is going to be chasing you. Because it feels like there’s no relief. Just constant drip of depletion happening. It’s hard. And for me is this constant draw towards negative, unhealthy coping because I believe the lie that it’s the only way to make that go away.

I hate just the thought that so many of us know deeply how it feels to live a life like a daily battle. It’s the repetition that takes all of your energy and makes you wonder if there’s even an end to it, a brighter place to discover once you’ve overcome THIS mountain. And if it’s not that one, would it be the next one? It seriously takes a lot of strength to share the way you did, especially in the midst of a storm that seem to keep going, over and over. It may not solve everything instantly, but it’s all these little steps and conversations that also help us find new allies who are willing to walk with us on this path. Grateful that you have shared about your own experience. Thank you for being here.