I know where I’m going wrong

I have big dreams, big goals in life but I’ve been reading the book ‘atomic habits’ recently and it mentions how you need to enjoy the process. If reaching your goal means you’re going to be happy you never will be as you’ll be looking for the next goal- next spike of happiness. Happiness doesn’t need to be associated with a goal, a thing, a situation. It could be me sitting here today, reading whilst looking at the birds fly elegantly pass. I need to remind myself this on my bad days but I’m glad I’m aware.


Hi Missunderstood,
thank you for sharing that.
What it reminds me of is that you should appreciate the little things in life, and that is what you do right now.
there is so many beauty out there, so many things that we are not aware of in our daily life, that we often oversee
or even forget in these troubled times.
reading outised, listening to birds is amazing. breathing the fresh air and just enjoying your time.
happiness is what you make out of it. learning something, working towards your goals counts as that too.
self care is also a form of happiness i think.
Thank you for sharing this moment with us, take care and you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart:
feel hugged

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It’s easy to forget to pause and take a moment to take in the happiness around us. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to start becoming aware of those moments

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