I live in Brazil, how do I get assisted suicide that is legal on Canada?

From sofa9669: Many economic problems that my sister, mother and father have would be solved if I died but suicide is illegal here and its against my family’s religion. What is the cheapest way to get access to it? I heard is legal on Canada. The inventory of the family made everyone fight and many relatives that I had a good relationship turned hostile. I also think that my father may be cheating on my mother and could be secretly raising another child which could make my sister and I get less of the heritage in the future so its important that I try to solve this as quickly as possible.

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From sofa9669: Just to add some context, its very difficult to discuss this topic to them because other than finding the idea disturbing its illegal to instigate someone to commit suicide. So if my mom or my sister encouraged me somehow it could be problematic. I maybe making a big deal out of this problem but I really don’t feel capable of getting a good job. I failed many classes in law school and eventually dropped out. Most of my family members don’t know I failed those and I feel ashamed to elaborate further.

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From sofa9669: Not that I think they would ever encourage me to do such a thing, I am just seeking information.

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Hey there Sofa :purple_heart:

It seems like you are going through an incredibly tough time just now. There appears to be a lot of family issues, and the family dynamic seems to be suffering. I hear you when you say you want to solve all the family issues, but that’s isn’t your job. You cannot take on the burden of every issue, but it is sweet that you want to take on this role :heart:

I know that your wish is to go down the route of assisted dying. I understand why you feel this way and feel like this is the only option you have, but ending your life is a permanent solution. It’s important to reach out to mental health professionals and work with them before making any decision about such a big, and emotive topic. You cannot make these decisions on your own :heart:

It’s clear to see that you are going through unbearable suffering, but as I said, assisted dying is a complex issue but nothing is worth ending your life for. Pain is temporary and if you hold on, it goes away :smiling_face:

I hope this is helpful :smiling_face:

From sofa9669: I am willing to discuss this in a reasonable and calm way.

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From sofa9669: oh ok thanks I never used this so this is all news to me.

From micro_tato: No worries - it’s completely understandable. Welcome in by the way. :heart:

From sofa9669: so EvilGenius, give me some evil advice. I feel like I have been a burden on my family. They are all good people but me personally I am very mediocre and I am very easily distracted. I have given a curriculum to many places but none of them return a call to me. Just to be clear I am not venting I am just stating some of the reasons I think its better to achieve assisted suicide but like I said its not legal here on Brazil. The reason I don’t kill myself its half because of religion and the other half I think its a waste because you can’t sell your inside parts here on Brazil. So is there a way to negotiate? I heard a liver is going for 100k so maybe its reasonable.

From sofa9669: negotiate with canada, I mean. I can speak english pretty well. I don’t know if Canada’s english is different from America’s english.

From sofa9669: ok so I google searched again for more details. Apparently assisted suicide is legal on Canada but organ selling is not legal. Is there any place anywhere I can get both of those?

From sofa9669: legally, of course.======

Hey there Sofa 🫶🏻

I want to start by saying that although you might not see it or believe it, your life is incredibly valuable and you are not a burden at all! From the conversation we are having, it’s clear you care loads about your family, and that they care about you too, even if it’s not always clear to see :smiling_face:

Your worth isn’t defined by feeling mediocre or the fact you’re easily distracted. Everybody has things they are good at, and not so good at. Weaknesses can be worked on over time. I’m sorry to hear that job searching hasn’t gone too well. Many people face rejection before finding the position that’s right for them and that’s okay :ok_hand:t3:

The fact that your religion and the realisation of life’s values is keeping you holding on is good. These are two reasons that you should hold close to your heart. It’s important you reach out for professional help, and be open with friends and family about the thoughts and feelings you experience. They can support you through this challenging time :heart:

Even though you may not see it, your life has purpose, and there are many ways you can create a better and brighter future. Assisted dying is a very complex process and it requires you to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You also must be over the age of 18, have a disability or mental health condition which is incurable and impacts your quality of life, you must have an assessment from healthcare professionals and your request for assisted death must be voluntary :hugs:

Assisted death is not the answer. Working with mental health professionals can get you the help you need :raised_hands:t2:

From sofa9669: .========================

From sofa9669: Ok so about life being valuable, I agree with you but I also think that value does indeed have a $value because there are jobs that reduce a person’s lifespan and the payment is in account of that. So life does have a monetary price.

Of course my worth is defined how competent I am at making money. Which I suck at and am a burden to everyone around me not because of some genetic thing but just because I am too bad to actually do anything.

OK that is your opinion. I don’t disagree or agree.

No my life has no purpose. All the people I love are suffering and it is my job to help them at the time they need the most and I failed at that.

You say assisted suicide is not the answer. Ok I hear you and I agree that one should try to create a better future. Which is why I was searching online for ways to achieve assisted suicide and somehow get paid for it because I keep seeing how organs are in high demand and people pay a high value for them.

From sofa9669: and every time I search it about it it has a big message saying seek mental help.

hi there,

Being in need of money is a very stressful and crushing state to be in, and it sounds like you’re looking for ways to earn some money WHILE ALSO escaping the emotional pain and feelings you’re having at the same time.

Many economic problems that my sister, mother and father have would be solved if I died
Respectfully, I suspect this is more a feeling, and not a fact - if they’re against this idea due to religion, they will never enjoy any profits or money that comes from it. Losing you will actually not sole any problems, but create new problems in terms of their faith, their emotions, their own mental health.

having limited jobs in your local area can make for some desperate times, and it sounds like there are some family issues with possible cheating and another kid. That alone can be a heart-breaking and life-altering bit of news even if someone had all the money in the world! So i really really feel for the situation you’re in.

What are your strengths? Could you pursue an online job, remote work or one of those design sites? What about baked stuff at home and resell to locals or shops in the area? You may have more opportunities if more ideas and maybe non traditional avenues are considered. Your life does have worth and value. The love people have for you should not be measured by how large your pay cheque. We all need money to survive. But we need to hold strong, and see what else exists that we can do to earn while also taking care of ourselves as best as we can!

Im glad you’re here with us on this site, and in life.
you matter.
your life matters.

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From sofa9669: Thank you for your help but it seems like there is no information regarding this problem here, I will try my luck by other means.