I’ll love her forever... forever and always

(Quick backstory: Glitzy was a cat that I’ve known and loved for over half of my life. She was like a sister or second mother to me and I know she felt the same. On July 24, 2018, she passed away… the night before, we suspect she had multiple strokes and I stayed up all night that night… me and my mom agreed that if she wasn’t better by about noon the next day, we would take her to the vet to be put down. I mean there was an option to get treatment but the blood tests and scans and the most likely surgery(s) would be too much to afford. She fought so hard to stay with us and by about noon the next day, she was still alive, but she wasn’t the same. We took her to the vet where she was euthanised and finally put at rest. I’ve always missed her so much ever since…) So this started yesterday. In English we were doing a thing where we had to analyze lyrics to songs we picked. So as an example, our teacher used a song with an obvious story and meaning (I’ll link it at the end if you want to know what that story was). So after the song plays I’m thinking about it, and because the song ends in death, my brain thought back to Glitzy… and those last words… “I’ll love you forever… Forever and always…”… just it was the exact thing I was telling her all night the night before she passed… I was telling her that no matter what happened, I would still love her, and that our love would last beyond death… it just brought me back to that night and I just couldn’t take it… I basically spent half of the next period crying… and then there’s today. I was just drawing, had a ton of inspiration, when the song just popped into my head. It’s even been hard for me to type this because I just break out into bits of crying… I just think back to that night before she died, being with her in the vets office, and just watching as she just stopped breathing… if there was anything I would have said it would be that I’ll love her forever, forever and always… I know that she knows and is at peace but it just feels like it wasn’t enough… it’s hard to believe it… idk I just miss her so much and I wish she were still with me, but at the same time not because death was inevitable… idk I just really miss her and stuff and that song just really reminded me of her. I’ll never forget you, Glitzy, and no matter what, I’ll always love you…

Link to lyric video of song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9xlwpf8u4aw

That sounds so incredibly hard, I’m so sorry you lost your best friend. She will always love you too and you will forever be in each other’s hearts. You’re really brave for reaching out, and you will never forget her. I too have moments in class when a teacher says something that means nothing to everyone else but is absolutely heartwrenching to me and I relate it back to my life and tear up. It’s so hard to go through that and pretend to be fine. So I know what that feels like. We’re all here for you. Stay strong friend :heart:

Losing pets and furry friends is so hard. I’ve lost a couple in my life. Both to them passing away and to having to give them up and it has torn my heart up.
I’m sorry that you lost such a special friend and it’s been pulling at you. But! It sounds like you have so many good memories with them. Remember these moments and hold them close. Those things will be with you forever. Even if she has passed on, she will always be a part of your heart. <3

We are all here for you, loving and caring for you. Standing by you and supporting you. Much love to you my friend. So much love! <3


First of all, parachute is an amazing band and their music has helped me through SO MUCH - deaths, breakups, new relationships, graduation, and much more.

Secondly, it’s been a long time for me since I’ve had a furry friend pass away, but I listened to Forever and Always religiously after my grandpa passed away. It’s okay to mourn. It’s okay to cry and take time for yourself. The amazing thing about pets is that (I believe) they love you no matter what. So even if Glitzy isn’t there physically, she/her spirit still loves you.

Even if I’m not there, I’ll always love you, forever and always.

:heart: hold fast :heart: