I Loathe My Former Friend

I feel there are no true friends there are only people that only interested in what they can get from you. I had a former friend who I’ll call Juan, I met him 9 years ago on a Facebook group and we connected and we met offline and I was like a mentor to this guy I’m 4 years older then he is and I loved him and accepted him with open arms without any judgement.

We would get together off and on to study Torah and pray together and I would give him advice and listen to him when he needed someone to talk to I never turned him away or ignored him all I asked in return was to be in the right path and to live a moral life. When I was being terrorized by my stalker when I needed him to be there for me he cut me off and disappeared off the face of the earth and when he did reappear he took the side of my stalker my sworn enemy and he even threaten to bring me down and I was in a state of utter shock which not too long ago we worshiped together and prayed together and went from being my friend to being my enemy at the drop of a hat.

When he appeared in court with my stalker he had fear in his eyes and was scared to death because he know he had betrayed me and knew I was innocent but he didn’t care why? because he was selfish and greedy he lusted after her and was bribed by her money and was lured in by her seductive charm but I remember very well telling him that she would destroy him in the end because she is friends with no one she uses people and when they no longer serve her purpose she turns on them and destroys them in the process.

I can’t forgive Juan for what he did to me and I hate him as a human being because he was willing to throw me under the bus for a few moments of pleasure it just shows there is no such thing as true friends only people with their own agendas. I believe he will get his karma and God will punish him for what he did to me. You don’t betray a fellow Jew for a Gentile especially when that Gentile is evil.

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I’m sorry that happened to you. Sometimes in life, we will have people in our who will betray us. It is a part of their toxic personality. They are miserable. Don’t let their misery get to you. It’s not worth it. I hope you will feel better. Thank you for venting. God bless. Stay strong.

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Thank You for your words of love and kindness. It use to affect me years ago but with God’s help and therapy I’ve healed a lot but it’s the actions that hurt the most.

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I’m so sorry for the hurt and the betrayal your friend has caused. It’s never an easy process when people you love, trust and respect betray you, turn their backs on you and leave you hanging. I’ve been through this so many times in my life.

So many times in fact, that for a long time I let myself believe that people couldn’t be trusted and that there were no good people. I had been hurt so many times I fell into a dark hole of thoughts and didn’t want to get close to anyone else in fear that it would keep repeating.

It is extremely unfair and unfortunate that we have had to be burned so hard by those we cared for. But it’s important to remember that, there ARE good people out there. There are people out there who will be true friends. It’s important not to let ourselves give up all hope on people because it will make us fall bitter and spiteful and rob ourselves of those relationships out there that ARE good. We grow stronger from those that hurt us. It hurts for a while, but we can rise above these hurtful relationships and people and become better and stronger people. For ourselves and our future relationships.

Ugh, it’s so frustrating what Juan put you through. You certainly don’t deserve it. Just remember, hate is a strong emotion. Don’t let it consume you. It’s okay to be mad, angry and upset. But don’t let hate run your emotions. You are right, one day Jaun will receive what he dishes out. It’s just natural a lot of the time. If people make a habit of being hurtful, after a while it’ll catch up to them. It has nothing do with being a Jew. It’s just life.

But as you move forward I hope you are able to find forgiveness. Not in the sense that you keep talking to him. I mean, forgiveness in a way that you are able to move on past the hurt and hateful feelings. Hanging on to hate of others can be unhealthy for our own mind and bodies. Doesn’t mean you have to like them or keep talking. Forgiving is merely a healthy key in life to relieve yourself from the emotional strings attached and move forward without dwelling.

I hope for you that you are able to find friends who love, support, encourage and lift you up. Friends that remind and show you how important and valued you are. Friends that show you that your feelings are valid! Because you deserve that.

I’m sorry this happened to you, friend.

  • Kitty

Thank You Miss Kitty for taking your time to write to me I truly appreciate it. It’s funny how I found this website. I got a notification on YouTube of a video testimony by Tim Lambesis, the lead singer of As I Lay Dying. I’m not a fan of Tim or AILD but I remember hearing about him getting arrested in 2014 it was all over the news, at the end of the video there was a website link and I clicked on it and decided to give it a chance.

I’ve been very impressed by all the support and love on here. It’s been helping me a lot.

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