I lost my baby and now i have no reason to live

I fell one day and i had a miscarriage. I was so happy that I have someone to give all my love towards, but now that’s gone. I don’t want to live anymore. I was so excited about having this baby, but what do I do with this sadness. The guy I was going to have the baby with was like, “why did you have to go and screw this up. You’re a failure.” I now feel a whole lot more worse than I was before. I want to die.

Hi Riversong08,

I can’t imagine the pain or thoughts going through your mind right now and my heart is crying for you. If there’s one thing I want to get through to you is that… It is NOT your fault. Don’t blame yourself.

Sometimes life throws unfortunate situations and obstacles in our way. Sometimes terrible things happen that we really cant explain. We always constantly wish and ask ourselves, maybe if I did this or maybe I did that, this wouldn’t have happened. Sometimes things are just way out of our control and its tough to understand that.

That doesn’t mean you deserve this hurt though. No one deserves that. Ever. It also doesn’t mean it’s the end. There will be love there for you. Someone you can share it with.

I believe that little angel is still around with you. Maybe not physically, but they are still there, in your heart. I can tell that you have so much love and kindness to give, and it would be so awful to see that love go away.

I’m so sorry that the person who was someone you needed support from had said some awful things to you. Don’t blame him too much. He’s also hurting too. But he should never blame this on you. It’s not you fault. It was never your fault.

My prayers are with you. I hope you find the strength and the support that you need in moments like this. It must be so hard and exhausting. It must be so painful. And I am SO SORRY that this is happening.

I wish only the best for your future & I hope happiness finds you.
With all the kindness

Hey there,

I am so very sorry for your loss. That is truly heartbreaking. I am also sorry that the person supposed to be by your side through all of this has been so hurtful towards you and making you feel so guilty. You did not do any of this on purpose. It was a complete accident and as hard as it is not to blame yourself, you are not a failure. I can’t imagine how you must feel but I do know that you do not deserve to punish yourself because of what happened. You are loved and you are not a failure. Know that I am thinking of you and my prayers are with you as well.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

I believe this is not your fault, and you have every reason to live. Even though this is a very hard time for you, your story can make a difference and change lives of others! You have so much love that you want to give out, and I believe that this can make your love for your future kids even stronger! Your story does not end here. You have a purpose. Know that you have a future, no matter what you are feeling or what people tell you. You are loved and nothing can change that.