I lost my brother two years ago and asked myself s

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I lost my brother two years ago and asked myself so many times what I could have done to stop him.

Hello Friend

I am dreadfully sorry for the loss of your brother. You like so many ask themselves that question when people take their own lives, and the answer is nothing.
Obviously I didn’t know your brother and I don’t know you either but suicide is an individual choice, of course this can leave you with feelings of devastation, feelings of guilt and so many unanswered questions but that should not be one of them and your brother would not want you to spend time in your life worrying about that and putting yourself in a bad headspace. Grieve for your brother and hold on to all the good times you had and as a family support one another, it must be a dreadfully sad time for all of you. I hope in time you all can move forward in the knowledge that he is now at peace. Reach out again here anytime you choose, we are always here for you. Much Love to you. Lisa. x

I just read your post and it hits me because I have also lost a family member and friends to suicide. I’ll just say it, suicide sucks, and I am so sorry that you lost your brother this way. The closure and goodbyes that you wish you could have just aren’t there and it probably seems like there are more questions than answers. I just want to share some things from my own personal experience to offer you some empathy and support. First, everyone has the same questions that you are asking about what you could have done to prevent your brother ending his own life. You are not alone and while it doesn’t take that pain away, just know that it shows how much you loved him and wish you could have more time with him. Second, finding a support group for loss and grief around suicide can be so helpful and beneficial in dealing with these unanswered questions. Please know that we are here to listen and support you while you move forward.

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@@HeartSupport that’s why I love the song for Joe from Ren and I’m sorry by Joyner Lucas. And after his funeral I packed what I could fit in my car moved home and cleaned my life and I use that trauma to connect to those who feel lost. I try to change the world one heart at a time. I smile at random people and tell them how awesome they are because you never know who needs that.

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