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I lost my crap again/ lost insurance/ can’t control emotions

Before reading this I want to people I’m not endanger. But I vent earlier and vent again. I live in Massachusetts and the healthcare system here sucks. My insurance lie to me about my coverage. My ankle have been destroyed for mouths and I never get care I need.Masshealth is way to complicated and it free, but it sucks.

I have wanting to get into DBT, but I can not afford it and soul crushing. I can way tell Democrat’s sucks at government. They lie they want help all, I get left in dust. My friends is same boat and can’t see a therapy without paying 150 dollars. While other people get stuff, I can’t even see a doctor without worrying I am going be covered.

I can’t stop going on Instagram posting I want to hurt my self and going on insane rants. I get so anger I need someone to hear and can’t control my anxiety, anger and hatred. I don’t want type of mental illnesses I have. So I know I’m not BPD, but I have some form of anxiety. I’m unfortunately forever broken and be able fully functioning adult.

Hey @Seimiccoyne,

I’m glad to hear you’re not in danger right now. If you feel things are getting out of control, you may consider reaching a crisis hotline. Even if it’s just to vent with someone directly talking with you, it’s better than nothing. I really don’t want you to hurt yourself. So, in case you need it:

Whether you have an anxiety problem or other mental health concerns doesn’t mean that you’re broken for the rest of your life, but that you’ll have to learn how to manage this in your everyday life. So, what we know, at least today, is that you’ve got a lot of anger. How do you handle this usually?

I’m really sorry about the insurance. That would frustrate me a lot too. I don’t know the american system at all, but you can still check if there are other possibilities for you. Do you know if there would be other financial support that you could claim? Do you have relatives who would be able to help you? Are there any free services near where you live that could give you some informations and help you with this situation?

You already posted a few hours ago but I hope you’re feeling better right now.
Take care of yourself as much as you can. :heart:

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