I lost my friends

I deserve to be alone, I’m not a good person. Ruining every friend cuase mine self center. My wants over take my judgement of what is right and wrong. I’m mental abuse, that have fansty of beating the shit out of my friends.

My friends wanted to go my beach, I told them thier was no room. Also my dad said no. But they just pain asses to have up. I try my best to be a good host. I hate bending over backwards for people.

One my friend we on beach ago years ago. He made a comment about checking underage girls. Which really got me anger, cuase put in that category and assume that who I am. Then act like a dick in the restaurant and just exposed.

Then other at time threaten to beat me up. Like said I can twisted you like a pretzel and kick me a couple of time.

I don’t want to be friends with anyone anymore.


Sounds like your friends just a shithead. They’re using you and saying really fucked up shit causing you to hate them and fantasize about hurting them because they are not good people. You should try to find better people to hang around and block them from your life. You’re degrading in health because you’re sourrounded by unhealthy people. Best thing to do is cut them off. If you can’t then keep an eye on them to make sure they dotn do anything illegal.

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