I lost my house

hi, uhm. theres alot of thing i want to talk about how i feel right now. but since im not native english speaker i hope you couldnt mind about it. i actually having hard time since me and my family lost everything, home, money, and even jobs except my mom who currenty working as a kindergarten teacher but she only got 20$ per month for us to living. as a person who already 28 i feel useless, ive been working since 19 till 2020 as a girl work in karaoke but. i feel i didnt want to do such job anymore it was too tiring and weaken my body since i need to drink everyday when i do that job. now im at the point that i kinda lost and didnt know what to do with my life. i felt hopeless, emptiness, i couldnt never imagine my family would facing this, its been 10 years since we go bankcrupt. ive been working hard but nothing really help. i always ask God, why did we need to experience this kind of heartbreaking llife. i didnt even ask to have a wealthy life, having a house and enough food is more than enough 🥲 . me and family living at a rent room that only 6x6meters . and also struggle for the monthly payment that cost 38,48$ . i wanna seek some help cause i feel like this have been affected my mental health. but all i could do now just here… making money from my small onlineshop that isnt make much. sorry if this confusing to read. i just need to let this out of my head and heart… im afraid that future wouldnt let me to get better. this is so scary to me to only think about what if i couldnt help my parents in the future . i feel broken, useless, and dying inside :’). living in this country, ( Indonesia) such a stressful life.


hi, thanks for posting. You have a safe place to “let it out” here. First I am so sorry for what you’re experiencing right now, and wish I had a solution for you. What I can say, is this time, as bad as it is, will pass. You cannot know the future, so let go of that worry. This can wear you out with worry, which is damaging to your mental health. Take care of yourself today. Try not to think of the future. Do what can be done, and let the rest go. Don’t think of today, and what’s happening now as the rest of your life. It’s not, it is just this time. Try not to think of what’s missing, and think of what you have, like your family. Thinking in the negative all the time, makes it very hard to see the positive. And sometimes you have to really reach for the positive in life, but that has it’s rewards too. I hope very much that your situation improves. Peace.

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hello, firstly i want thank you for spending some of your precious time to read me ramblings about life 🥲. and once again thank you for your kind words and encouragement, they mean a lot and I truly appreciate it 🥲

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