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I love this. I have been drowning these past few weeks and really it’s so hard to ask for help and the timing of this couldn’t be any more perfect. Thank you for your courage and sharing, @aaronrgillespie


I think that sharing ANYWHERE can be very hard, and scary. Any expression of mental struggles, including your own, is courageous.

I hope you can find the courage you need, in your own way and in your own time, to ask for help. But for the time being I’m happy that you took the time to share how you feel here.

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Yeah - hard when you’re drowning to even think to ask for help because the focus is on just staying afloat. It’s like spinning a bunch of plates, and being constantly haunted by the sound of one of them breaking, that even if they are or aren’t falling, it still feels like you’re failing, or on the verge of it 24/7. At that point, it’s hard to think about anything except - just keep it going, don’t screw this up, etc. So to have moments like this to kind of lift your eyes and say - wait a minute, I’m not alone, and I can ask for help…it is like grabbing a breath of fresh air, a reprieve from the compression anxiety puts on your life. Thankful you spoke up