I’m a bad daughter

I hate how horrible I am to my mom. I wish I could just redo it all and be a nice daughter. There’s only 4 more years until I’m out of the house (in college) and I can’t make it up to her. I have degraded, hit, taken my anger out on her and worse and I don’t know why. She is my rock - I love her and my dad more than anything else in the world, but I ruined our years together. Please someone help me.


Hmmm dear you can’t judge your parents that they won’t forgive you, you’re how you underestimate them… Parents are the most capable people who are always able to forgive you no matter what you do, and don’t say it’s too late, it’s never too late for me It is never too late to do the right thing, as the wise say, “Better late than never.” I am sure everything will be fine soon… Just try hard, and let us know what happens to you, And remember, we’re all here for you, and we care about you :white_heart:


hey Agm,

welcome to the heartsupport community! i’m happy that you could join us all here and feel the comfort in having people around the globe support you.

in regards to the matters you’ve posted about, i think it’s important in any relationship to always recognize what’s doing well and what can be improved upon. and you’ve already taken this huge step! before any further abuse can continue towards your mom, you have the opportunity to acknowledge past mistakes, tell your mom that you want to get better and essentially start over in y’all’s relationship. do you think this is something you and her might be open to?

life is too short to assume that things can’t be fixed and i want you to have that support in your family always. so before too much time passes, i hope you are able to find new coping methods to replace taking out any anger or frustration on your mom (painting, writing, editing, running, etc.) and move forward together.

you ended this post with “someone help me” and i hope that the replies on your post can provide you with some help, love, and support because you deserve so much that this world has to offer. i believe in you, Agm, and i know your mom does too. you can make this life whatever you want it to be so make it awesome, kind, and something you’re proud of!



Thank you so much. I think we are starting to mend our relationship. I really appreciate you!


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