I’m anxious and depressed

i haven’t been to school and I feel really anxious going back, I feel so lost and confused, I don’t even know how to explain it, I’m sorry…

Don’t be sorry friend. It seems like you’re going through a rough time. That’s okay. No matter what just breathe. You’re worth it friend. <3

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I also want to send you an encouragement sticker:


Hey @maria thank you for commenting and sharing what you are going through. Do not be sorry for being scared sometimes we need a moment to be scared so we can see that we are not alone. It helps us get stronger and reminds us we have friends around us that care.

Hold Fast
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You got this friend! Thank you for sharing this with us, we are here to support you now and after you go back. You are not doing this alone.

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Hey Maria.
I suffer from OCD and depression episodes for 15 years and I am 28 now. Trust me, you are not alone in this.
I can share with you what has helped me stand on my feet.
There are culutural differences between us (I live in Poland-Western Europe) but the case is the same.

1st. I found good therapist. Funny thing is I have tried like dozen before him. Therapy take some time so it’s important to find someone who will fit your personal requirements.
2nd. You have already started doing this what I have done. It’s talking. Speak with people with which you can be frankly. Don’t be ashamed. If you are holding the burden your loved ones will understand and help you.
3rd. Physical activities. It was very important step for me- to force myself into jogging. It’s good to have comfortable clothes at start. Being active physicaly helps stabilize breathing and rises your happpines hormones.
4th. Music. Yeah, I have some bands which helped me a lot through the darkest of times. It’s kinda cliche to say “this band saved my life” but actually Living Sacrifice was the band which inspired me to start following the correct path.
5th. No compromise! Since I have made step one there was no turning back. The process of stabilizing mental state can take some time so it’s important to keep working on your way back to comfortable living. As I am an addict I had to stop myself from drinking even one sip or even thinking about it.

Well this is all i remember for now. Don’t you ever feel alone in being anxious. The whole world is full of anxious people and you know what? I admire people who are not afraid to fight their demons. So I admire you! Sensitive people are required on this planet to make the difference. To show what the heart really is.
Everything best for you Maria.

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