I’m bummed about a girl

Before the pandemic, I met this girl that my sister was trying have me meet. We met up at clover and talk about music and doing band stuff. She was pretty cute and seem very nice. She had to leave early and message me saying sorry for leaving. So it seem like she want to hang out with me. We even made plan to go to a show. Then COVID happen, she did not really respond to my texts. I got mad and deleted her number, then try find on socail media to get back in contact with her. I did sent some music I been working, however it literally the same song, cause I figure something wr had common ground. She never responded, and I message her recently saying, I’m sorry if I bother you and you better than me anyway.

I feel she was playing Game with me or I screw up. I just get hurt by girl and I never have a relationship with them.

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

Sometimes our expectations are really different from others, but also sometimes life just happens and we lose sight of someone almost “naturally”. It sucks that covid just happened at this moment. It doesn’t make it easy to keep being in touch with others, at least the way we want, and it doesn’t help not to feel overwhelmed either.

I don’t know the circumstances of the first time you met, but I know that sometimes we can meet someone at a precise moment but we doesn’t necessarily get back in contact with them. We can appreciate discussing with someone, for example at an event, without looking at creating a new relationship with someone. It wouldn’t mean that someting’s wrong, only that life goes on and we don’t always make room to meet new people. Based on what you describe here, I don’t think you screwed anything up, and I don’t think she’s been playing games with you. She may not be willing to invest herself in new relationships, and maybe she didn’t convey it the right way, letting you think otherwise.

I’m sorry though. I’m really sorry to hear that you don’t have any news from her. I understand that you’ve been waiting for her to respond, and I understand that not having any answer is hard. As someone who’s been genuinely ghosted by friends in the past, I know how it feels. I personally think that even just a short answer, even to say “we can’t talk”, is a mark of respect. Silence is a cruel sentence. Just because having an answer provides, at least, a sense of understanding. But I think it’s different from your situation here. It doesn’t seem that she is doing it on purpose. It’s just that you both don’t really know each other at this point, so both your level of commitment can be very different. It’s really not your fault. She’s certainly at a moment in her life when she doesn’t want to commit herself into new relationships. And that’s okay too. It doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you. Not at all. I think it’s really part of what can happen to anyone when we meet someone new.

I hope you know that this doesn’t change who you are or question your own worth. And if you start to doubt about it, please keep in mind that you have worth and you genuinely matter. Others actions, words, struggles or discomfort will never change that. :heart:

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