I’m can’t have relationship with women

I feel women hate me, I only get hurt and feel more alone in this world. Most of it is justified and other part I don’t know why. Yesterday with my meltdown, I ask some girl on message why do they hate me. One them say she we have different passion and just pretend to think I was cool. Those words hurt me even more and remind I meant to die alone.

It remind when a teacher told no girl will ever like me and she was right. I done many shit stuff and I’m horrible person. But I do like they are perfect either and at least I admit my faults. Girl want date asshole they like men with disabilities.

People preach about accepting everyone, but they don’t really mean it. They said everyone is equal until they get to know you. I’m a open mind that accept everyone no matter race, gender, sexuality, and whatever you are. But people on my side still hates me.

Again, I’m not good guy. But I try to be good with girls and only got used, lie to and betrayed. I’m tired being lie to and being hate on for who I am. I just have a girl spend my life with and to have adventure and live life with me. That will never happen. I’m sorry for post I just need to let it out.

Sometimes you need to vent kinda the purpose of the wall.
That was out of bounds for your teacher to say that

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First thing, you shouldn’t believe what your teacher told you, she doesnt know you 100% and she doesnt see your future.

In this life you must know that there will be some people that will say hurtfull thing to others, to make themselves happy. Maybe your teacher is like that.

And about your relationship with women, you have to remember that relationship arent easy, romantic or platonic are hard and it can happen that some relationship doesnt end well, but is okay not every relationship is destined to end well and I think that you should be patient and not to stop trying to meet new girls, because maybe you find the one.

Take care :raised_hands:

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