I’m depressed

I’m depressed. 7 months passed I’m 11 y/o and I can’t resist this anymore. But I’m too afraid of death



I’m sorry to hear that. I just want to remind you that you are brave and so so so strong. Your life matters and this pain cannot last forever.

What does your support system look like?

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Wdym with support system?

The people in your life that are there to support you, and love and care about you


7 months is a very long time to be depressed. Would you be willing to share a little more of what’s going on with you.
For instance, did something happen 7 months ago? Have you talked to your parents about your depression? Have you talked with anyone?
What ever is going on, there are many people here who can be very helpful, and maybe a few who have had experiences similar to your own, so you are Not Alone in your struggles. We’re not just here for you, we care about what happens to you.
Most of us know how it feels to feel like we’ve reached the end of ourselves. Peace

Hey @vShiori,

Just checking in - How are you doing since you posted your last response? I’d love to hear some updates from you.

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