I’m done with music

I’m giving on my music project, I suck at being a musician and not getting anywhere with it, evem thou I work my ass off for it. I’m losing my passion with it and don’t see the point in it.

Not trying to talk shit, but I don’t like kids in Metalcore/ emo scene. I know not all are bad people and know no perfect. But I feel like they think they were better than me and look down on me. They just use me for rides and give me shit for being single. I support their bands, but in return no had support my bands or my music. Even thou I buy their merch and drive hours to see then play. I’m just done with this shit. It use be an escape, it just remind me of bad memories.

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It’s hard to lose your passion for something that you used to love. If it only reminds you bad memories, if it’s triggering to you, then indeed maybe it’s better to put music away. But also, on the the other side, do you thing this could be an opportunity for you to learn to approach music in a different way? In a way that would be restorative to you? I mean, this awareness that you have right now could be very powerful to you, to actually feel again why you developped this passion for music.

I don’t know how much others opinion matters or interferes in the way you live your passion, but if it’s the main reason behind your will to give up, then I’d like to encourage to keep trying. I believe that a hobby, a passion, has to be selfish. If you do it for yourself, without taking care of others opinion (or even with avoiding it as long as you need), then you’re likely to find again the core of your passion, your initial motivation. Personally, I love drawing. But I’ve been discouraged by pepole who were close to me, repeatedly. So I just gave up… for too many years. And now that I’m finally trying to do it again, I regret that I gave their opinion so much consideration. I lost time that I could have used to progress. So, constructive criticism is welcomed. But not hurtful words that are only used to diminish someone. It’s not useful.

Your music is yours first. It’s unique, just like you are. There will always be people to support you, to appreciate what you do. And there will always be people who won’t be sensitive to it. And that’s okay. :hrtlegolove:

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