I’m exhausted, mentally

I’d made impressive progress but I can’t help but feel myself backtracking. Current events don’t help much either, so along with the the world falling apart, so is my mental health. My anxiety is exhausting and pretending is exhausting. I feel lost and alone and I don’t know how to help myself anymore . I’m at a loss. I just want to be okay again but it seems impossible. I think positivity has only gotten me so far.


Hi there!

I empathize with you, and understand how you’re feeling. Times right now are chaotic, and it really is taking a toll on mental health - which can make it feel like you’re sinking when you’re already trying to keep yourself floating on top. I’m glad that you’re able to express these thoughts to us, though. It helps to get them out even if it doesn’t feel like it. I also want to applaud you for the progress that you’ve made. That’s something to be proud of, no matter how big or small.

I want you to know that you will be okay again. Even if it doesn’t seem like a possibility. Even if it takes some time, you will be better again. Keep reaching out for support. We can’t always win the fight if we’re too exhausted. It’s okay to lean on others and let them be the life preserver when you just need a moment.


Hey @Itsa5,

Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to share your heart. I hear you, how much you are exhausted right now, and I’m sorry life has been difficult for you lately. It’s good that you decided to take a little break and share your heart. When it feels like our energy is constantly drained, a first step is to slow down and acknowledge the problem. Your vulnerability is a strength, friend.

Anxiety is indeed very, very exhausting. I struggle with anxiety too on a daily basis, and everything is a source of stress to me lately. As you said, the state of our world right now doesn’t help at all. It’s a perfect recipe for feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed. You are not alone, Itsa. And you don’t have to wear a mask here or pretend anything. You don’t have to prove anything. Being you, with your raw vulnerability, is more than enough. You have worth regardless of the obstacles you are facing right now.

How does your life look like these days? How does your support system look like? With Covid, many of us have been feeling more alone and helpless, but connection with others in the midst of dark times is still possible, and you just did it here. You are not alone friend. Please let us know how we can support you the best during this difficult time. You are loved. :heart:


Thank you so much for your response friend and thank you for giving me hope :heart:


Hey there @Itsa5,

Its wonderful to hear your thoughts, it takes a lot of courage and effort to share your feelings, and I just want to say, you’re doing a wonderful job. Approaching people for help already shows that you’re looking towards others for support, and that is a wonderful skill to have. I’m proud of you already!

Pretending to be okay while hiding away anxiety is definitely exhausting, I really empathize with this feeling. I told someone close to me recently something which might be relevant here- sometimes we have to acknowledge that we’re not always okay, and that is okay. Its normal for all of us. We’re not perfect beings, we fall into old thoughts or habits occasionally, but that certainly does not take away from the progress we are making! Sometimes I feel I have to be real with myself and just say, “you know, I’m not okay right now, but I know I will get better.” Just a little push like that does a ton for me. Similarly to what Micro is saying, I find that the acknowledgment of the things I’m dealing with really helps.

I know you feel like its impossible for things to get better, but trust me, it will get better! You’re very strong, and you’re not alone in this battle. I truly hope something here helps you! :blush:


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