I’m frustrated

i don’t know if this will make sense but whatever. I’m frustrated.

my mom has this thing where she feels the need to explain EVERYTHING to me like i’m a little kid who doesn’t know anything. and all it does is make me feel like i’m incapable of doing things on my own. sure, my autism kind of makes it hard for me sometimes to understand what someone wants from me, but the things she always overly explains are basic common knowledge. things that i know and that i’ve told her multiple times that i know. and it’s not like i won’t ask her for clearer instructions when i’m not sure what she means.

it just feels so ridiculous when she goes on and on about my lack of trust in myself and how i need to have more faith in myself, but then i’m being treated like i can’t be left alone without instructions. hell, she even said to me i can’t be trusted before.

i don’t know if this even makes sense or if i’m being dramatic, but it’s something that happens so often and never fails to ruin my mood. and i’ve talked to her about it multiple times but it didn’t change anything at all.



Hello Friend, I’m sorry that your mother doesn’t understand that you are not needing her help as much now that you are older. I know you’ve talked to her already, but I’m going to suggest doing it again. Sit her down calmly and ask her if she could change the way the helps you. My partner has a learning disability and instead of jumping in to tell how to do things, I ask him if he needs help. If he says no, then I let him be. If he says yes, then I help him. Perhaps you can ask her to do something like that. I hope this helps and that your mom gets the message. Take care! ~Mystrose


Hai there, so after reading your post it brings out a lot of feelings in me for personal reasons but id like to say that i understand where you are coming from in the sense of having a parent whose actions are making you feel bad on a daily basis. I think that a good course of action here would be to calmly sit down with your mother and explain how her behaviour is making you feel. I’d imagine that her intentions are good while i do not know the woman, i personally would like to belive that parents have good intentions towards their children.

Having said that, her behaviour is making you feel like youre not able to grow and its important that you let her know this, and that she needs to change her approach if she truely wants to help you, this is short but my heart is with you and i hope you find a way through this.

// Lady N.


Hi there,
I can completely understand how frustrating that must feel. I don’t think you are being overly dramatic. But I believe she is just doing that to protect you and not to belittle you. Maybe she hasn’t realised how much have grown up. Does she know how that makes you feel? I know from personal experience that it is difficult to trust and believe in yourself if others don’t do the same thing. But she wants you to have faith in yourself and grow. I hope she can see that you are indeed trustworthy and have grown as a person. Believe in yourself!


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