I’m getting tired of being Shame

It suck being a 29 virgin make that live with parents at times. I wish have a girlfriend and have more friends. I know not be Shame and their nothing wrong. But still have my desires for romantic feeling and sexually feelings. However, do they was more of a movement saying it okay to be a virgin for both men and women. Again, people look at you different, for something that silly.

In addition I remember reading a post by Courage my love, they said masculinity can be toxic to men, which is true. Guys brag about how girl they got with and how marcho they are, all bullshit. Making guys that never got laid and it all bullshit, because it not their right to judge people do sexual, whatever sleep girls or not.

It honestly made more doughl and bais toward girl and end saying dumb stuff. I do take a moment apologizing, I know should be better. There plenty women that look up and that help me out. I feel I have betrayed them.

Overall, it does not matter what you sex life is, what you feel want to keep your virginity or have active sex life.and it health. I think us guys and girl should focus on other things like climates, and equal rights, than people do or not do.


It’s okay to be the age that you are and not be sexually active. Who says you have to be certain age and have sex already? Have sex when you feel ready to there is no rush. It is better to have sex with someone that you care about in a committed relationship than to lose your virginity to a random hook up with someone that doesn’t care about you. Your feelings for romance and sex are valid it is human nature to have those feelings. If people have to look down on you for not having sex then the issue is with them not you. Having sex or not having sex does not make you any less of a man, there are plenty of men and women who choose not to have sex because of either religious reasons, waiting for marriage, they don’t feel ready for sex, or they just aren’t interested in having sex. Whatever their reason it does not make them any less of a man or woman there is more to being a man than having sex. There is more to life than sex, sex is just a small part of life. Focus on what’s important to you and what is going to make you happy. You matter and you are valid.