I’m getting tired of my life. I just want to move out of my grandparents house

I want to be free. I don’t want to be in this house a lot. I am starting to cry. I have family problems sometimes, but I try not to get in trouble with anyone. I really miss my mom. She lives somewhere else, and I don’t get to see her much anymore, due to her work schedule. Her boyfriend did something to me, something that I’ll never forget.

I feel like the world around me is crashing down on me.:sob:

I miss my old life.

It is very overwhelming for me.:sob::sob::sob:


Hi Katelynn,
thank you for sharing. with family, especially when you grow older, more and more difficulties come up.
you go through a lot of change.
have you talked to your mom about what her boyfriend did ? have you talked about that ?
life is overwhelming enough much more often that we would like. for all of us. take care of yourself in that times
even more. take a step aside and do things you love. spend time with people you love :purple_heart:
you are loved and you matter

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I tried telling her, but she never believed me. AGH!!! I really hate his guts😭

And I really don’t think anything will get better for me. It’s been stuck in my head for way too long. Nothing seems to work, at all.

What you share here, what you post here, you only decide.

do not rely too much on your online activities. just because people don’t respond, does not mean that you are not seen. social media, online activities lead to believe that, but it is not like that.
no one is forced to post here, no one is here on a professional base. the same is when it comes to reaching out.
[Edit by @Micro]
people here have also their lives, their activities, their
families. everyone has their own package, their own weight to carry.
you are been stuck in your head ? read that again. it is your mind. our minds often make us think of the worries,
issues we face first, that we are having, not the things we should concentrate on.
things we do for ourselves, things we do for life ! things you do to make you feel better, to motivate and encourage
you to do the next step.
have you reached out for a therapist or a community in your area that could help you ? when you have experienced
such things, reach out, not only online. a counselor at your school ? your friends ?
your next step decides, where your life is heading. your next step that you are doing. you are still young and have
your whole life in front of you. steps you do now, will have an even more impact for you. the sooner you face your
issues, struggles, your experiences the more you and earlier you will get something from it tomorrow.
yes, that takes energy and courage. but you can do that. you shared so much beautiful and encouraging quotes for
other, now stand for them. it is easier said then done. but it is worth the effort. it is worth the energy.

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Hey @Katelynn,

I saw your messages before removal, and wanted to reach out to you to just send a friendly reminder: it’s okay. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable while reaching out. I’ve been in this community for a while and I know 100% how safe it is, yet I still find myself removing drafts I would write, or DMs I send to people I call family. Not because of them, but just because it takes time to learn that asking for help is okay, that we can do it without being hurt in return. You’re not going to be in trouble for sharing about your struggles here. But I get how this can be scary and stressful, especially on an online platform, without the immediacy of direct/physical conversations.

You’re not wrong for reaching out. You’re not wrong for being here. This place is safe, and I’m proud of you for not letting your fears prevent you from expressing how you feel/your vulnerability. :hrtlegolove:

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