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I’m going to go ahead and be cliché here and say that this is very inspiring. I got sick in 2021 and had to go on medical leave from my program for a full year. I’m much better now, but I’m still recovering and the process can be frustrating at times. This band’s story puts my experience in perspective. Things could be so much worse and I have every reason to continue fighting for a full recovery.

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Hi Friend, thank you so much for your message, its always wonderful to read about someone who has come through so much has gotten a lot better and is still fighting. You friend are the inspiration but I am so pleased that you had this bands story to reflect on and help you through. I truly hope you continue to get better and indeed gain full recovery. Sending best wishes and love your way. Lisa x

Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your story. It must have been quite a challenge to go through all of this. Somehow having to decide to put one year of your program away in order to focus on your healing. Going through the motions of that year, with understandably steps forward and backwards, times of hope and times of struggle. These are the kind of life experience that are full of growing pains - something unwanted, unsollicited, endured, but also a new way to reconnect to yourself, to your needs, and maybe even to what is essential to you and in your life. I can only imagine how much this has required patience and consistency on your end. I had myself known a time of life when I had to be on medical leave because of a burnout, which was at first a curse but slowly became a blessing for all the takeaways I can now have from it. I’m so glad that you feel much better now and that you have this new outlook as well. Full recovery is ahead and you are certainly not without resources - you havae proven to yourself how far you can come, and how much resilience there is in you. That is surely something to honor and celebrate. You are amazing. I wish you all the best moving forward, and for all the steps that have yet to be taken. You got this.

@heartsupport I didn’t expect such a through response! Thank you for taking the time to write that. My experiences have definitely taught me a lot about the connection between physical health and mental health. People tend to talk about them as though they’re two separate things, but they really aren’t. I hope that in the future your organization can play a role in educating the public about how things like the gut microbiome, inflammation, and breathing patterns can dramatically impact people’s mental health. There’s so much valuable information out there that people just aren’t aware of.