I’m gonna be homeless

I’ve been doing great since the last time I was on here, I wanted to end my life say it’s over but I noticed God and there was a life transformation but, unfortunately I’m going to be homeless in 8 days in Pennsylvania I’ve been feeling alone but honestly I’m good, it’s just that weird desire to be in a relationship, it’s normal but yes homeless part so, honestly I am confident in this kinda experience and rely on Gods strength and not my own, for how long probably a couple months save enough money from working get an apartment, there’s no way I will ever hit rock bottom because well my faith is forever Jesus I have come to the need for a savior, and it’s made me know how powerless I am, and being homeless, I’ve got nothing but work to do. So I’d keep you updated

You should look for a homeless shelter or a program that most likely a local church participates in. There are always options if you do a bit of research. After obtaining my first apartment in my early 20s, I went though some hard times which had me abandoning my job and I was homeless. I found a homeless shelter ran by a huge church in a neighboring county. I lived there for 4 months and in the meantime I found a link to an agency that could help me because I was broke plus I had some personal issues that still persist to this day. This agency found me a temporary place to live twice over before I finally got my own apartment.
I know a church near me (my family’s church) runs a program helping families out in this kind of situations called “Family Promise.” I’m not sure if such a program is used for individuals, but I’m sure someone has one for individuals. Since I also live in Pennsylvania, I’m sure that you can find one locally where you live. (I live in a smalltown so if a smalltown can have such services than a big town or a city should have even more.)