I’m in big trouble

Before I get to this dilemma I’ve got, I’d like to start by filling you in with a few details to help set the tone for where I am. My girlfriend and I are both addicted opiates and have been for a little over a year now and for the last month or so, our supplier has taken it upon himself to take an interest in my girlfriend. She’s a beautiful girl, winning personality, funny, smart, the total package. When we first met this guy she was very short with him when it came to conversation. She wanted to get in and get out as quickly as she could to continue on with her day, cause this guy can talk…ALOT. But then one night we got into an argument over something stupid and we both said things we regretted later because we were in the heat of the moment. Usually she goes to a friend or stays at her grandpin this situation but it just so happens, she was out of drugs and needed to pick up. So she goes there and tells him everything about our fight and a couple of past fights as well and since that day his and her relationship had changed. Instead of being short with him, she lets him talk now and they basically became best buds because of that day. And he has been real short with me, WE were the kens who used to be cool and chit chat…but after airing it our dirty laundry to our drug dealer, he’s been nothing but a complete dickhead…but only to me. Finally he snaps. He had taken a bunch of lsd one night and the next morning told me to fuck off because I was in a hurry to get to work and he didn’t like how I was rushing him. And I was definitely rushing him because he forgot about our original plans and wasn’t where he said he would be so I had to drive in the complete opposite direction to get to him before work. So after that I was pissed off and worried about how I was going to continue to get what I needed from him. You have to remember, I rely on him more than most people in my life. I can’t afford to be sick and miss out on work. So I tell my girlfriend what happened and she suggested that I talk to him…after he comes back to earth though. Because Lsd is some crazy shit. So I text him and tell him that we need to talk but first you should probably get some rest first before we do. I need to understand where this is coming from. So I got there and he COMPLETELY loses his shit, immediately first thing. Calls me out for the things I said to my girlfriend in a fight. Things that have NOTHING to do with him. But because he and my girlfriend hang out and shoot the shit now. I’m the asshole. So after he gets in my face and tells me how I should treat her as if I’m this abusive peice of shit boyfriend. He threatens me. He stands toe to toe with me, almost touching noses and says, “ if she ever finds out about our little conversation, I will slit. Your. Throat.” Literally slit my fucking throat. This guy is in his 50s, been around the block and is fucking crazy. So he just gets to say whatever the fuck he wants to me, but will put hands on me if I say anything to my girlfriend? And this is something that is really affecting me, and she can sense it. She knows me better than I know myself at times and I don’t think that this is something that I can go on with. His words, that entire interaction. If you were me in this situation, would you tell her what he said and how it makes you feel? Risk him finding out, not even by her saying anything, but the way she treats him knowing that he said that to me, and come after me? And yes, this is a guy you don’t want to fuck with.

So would you tell her or not tell her and why?
Please guys! I’ve never been in such a predicament, but hearing your thoughts on this would really help.

Thank you.

Hey @d_vlz,

I personally would open up to your girlfriend as your could potentially be risking some of the trust in your relationship. You clearly have a strong bond with her and I sincerely think she would understand your troubles with this guy.

Please be careful.

Luna x

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Shit man… this is tough. These kind of men are dangerous, please avoid any kind of fight, don’t comfront him. Sometimes we need to swallow our words and that’s it.
I would tell my girlfriend if I where you. Just remind her of your dealer’s threat agains you, so she would be really carefull.
I think both of you, as a couple, need to agree on neither stop seeing him or just do as nothing had happened and be distant of him again.
Hope everything will get better, and please be carefull!!

Hey dude,
How are you doing it’s been a while since I replied and I was just wondering how you are??
I hope everything has sorted its self out and you are feeling better…

Luna x

Honestly not at all. My girlfriend wrapped her car around a median on the freeway a couple nights ago. I got a missed call from a jail. Then notified me right after that inmate: (gf) was trying to reach you. She got a DUI, so I ran to the jail posted her bail but she doesn’t remember a thing. Like nothing at all. She is alive and thats what’s most important but I can’t say anything has improved, but I am trying to remain positive. Thank you for checking in.

I’m so sorry to hear that!! I’m so glad that your girlfriend is okay though.

Well done for remaining positive, that’s an incredibly tough thing to do in these situations. But you are on the right track.

I really do hope everything sorts itself out soon you seem like an amazing person!

Hold fast,
Luna x