From [HAYAOKARO_]: I’m just gonna list out my issues supplied by their context.

  1. I’m waiting on a therapist, and have mildly accepted the fact that there might not be one and I’m gonna have to rely on this server for therapy

Context: I have issues to talk about and have wanted to talk about them with a therapist, however, I’m relying on my folk’s company for that. Few emails have gotten back, but after that I’ve heard nothing. Due to that, I’ve kinda accepted that I won’t have a therapist and I’ll have to suck it up until I find another opportunity. I’m also a little afraid to ask my parents because I fear getting a response of: “I’ve gotten an email, but no reply” or something along those lines with a sigh wedged in

  1. I still think about my past relationship and what I could’ve saved. I still beat myself up about it when I do

Context: It’s been a year and I feel I should be over the breaking up with my ex. I have three parts to this. 1 being that I should’ve listened to myself when I was getting upset, 2 being that I’m devastated that I made promises and plans for the future, but those went to hell because of the break up, and 3 being that I could’ve saved the thing if I fucking listened to myself.

  1. Due to all of these issues and the immense pressure, I’ve wanted to cry, although I don’t and think I don’t have a right to because my mom has more stress, like her job, and the fact that she has to deal with my shit.

Context: See the other two points.


Sometimes you have to be persistent when seeking therapy. Maybe a once a week reminder to your parents might be helpful. I also hope that you benefit from talking to us.

Yes, your mom probably does have more stress. She also has more experience in dealing with it. If you feel like crying, by all means do so. Your mom has probably cried when she felt the need. Crying is an emotional release. In a sense you could consider it self administered therapy. It’s possible that crying could lead to an emotional release, so the breakup is no longer causing you so much unhappiness. Besides, everyone has a right to cry, even if they can’t figure out why they are crying.

You are here now. Once you have established in your own mind what you could have saved, that knowledge won’t fix the past, but it prepares you for a better future. The person you were when you messed up the relationship is not the person you are now. Who you are now doesn’t deserve the beating up.