I’m losing myself

I can’t seem to get out of this dark place. I keep thinking so negative and feel like I’m gonna stay stuck in this situation forever.

My back injury isn’t getting better and being 22 and unemployed means I have no options available to help me. I feel like such a burden.

Im exhausted. I know I’m stressing everyone around me out and my depression isn’t helping this situation. Please guys let me know this passes. I’ve never had an injury and this is taking a big toll on me. I’m so lost. And tired.

I want to give up completely. But I know that won’t solve anything. I don’t know how to be positive anymore.


This senerio is impermanent
And in terms of being unemployed you can only make an effort to help look for one where you don’t hurt yourself

Please don’t give up you have the power to make yourself feel good and bad. In the end it’s all up to you
Also know that I took the initiative to help you and hoping that you change your way of thinking

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Hey again @Emily

This will pass, but there is more to it than that. This is a challenge, and if I am not mistaken you seem like the sort of person who achieves great things and faces challenges head on(a guess based on previous posts). Injuries happen and they suck but think of it this way: your mind is a huge asset that you still have. This is an opportunity to build your mental and spiritual strength, to build and indomitable will.

Never give up. If life is pushing against you, push back harder. In my opinion, the best heros aren’t those who always succeeded and never faced hardship but instead those who faced far beyond what their limits were but pushed through and conquered them.


That’s so hard. Having to be so trapped and bogged down by a major injury. I’m really sorry that you are suffering so much right now.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to fight through that emotionally and mentally. Time. It’ll take time to heal. But it will get better. I know it’s probably hard to have patience with it. But, that’s what we are here for. To offer you love, encouragement, guidance and friendship as you get through all of this.

Please don’t give up, Emily. One day at a time okay? We care for you so much. I know it’s hard to be positive right now, but try to reach out when you get really low as you have now so we can help you.

Is there anything at all you can do that is low key while you recover? Is there anything that you enjoy that you can spend passing the time so that you aren’t getting lost in your head. I try to use art to keep me busy. And lately being around Heart Support has really lifted my spirits.

I’m really sorry things are so hard. You are so important. And I hope for you that you recover quickly so that you can be back on your feet and active how you want to be.

Hang in there my sweet friend.

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Emily, I can totally relate to you, I myself am 25 years old and unemployed and have been ever since I graduated in 2017 from my graphic designing studies. Ever since then I was just home doing nothing but becoming more and more sheltered inside my own shell. I always thought I was being a burden since all I was doing was sitting in front of my desk.

But you know what? I survived and I believe you will too. No condition is permanent and I have full faith in you. Just know that someone out there is keeping their thumbs up for you, you’ve come so far already!

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Thank you. And you’re right this is a good time to build up my mentality, but most days all I can think about is the negatives to all of this. All things I can’t do anymore and how painful it is and so on.

I’m grateful for this community and you guys though. You guys give me a little push everyday. And hope that this too shall pass. This is my first injury ever and I just don’t know how to handle it.

Thank you for thinking that I’m stronger than I am. I’ll keep going.

This is hard. And there are things I can do, like reading or watch Netflix, can’t sit upright to long though. Also I’ve just lost interest in everything. I can’t seem to concentrate. My mind is always on my back and the pain. And I feel like I’m so lost in the negative that I don’t know how to switch to positive.

I cry a lot. And just keep wishing this never happened. But I guess patience is what I need most right now. And Heart Support is really helping me too. I’m just so alone and down. I’m exhausted. I haven’t eaten in days. I’m scared to drink water cause it hurts to move and sit. I just don’t know.

But thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. They mean the world to me. Even more so that I’m a stranger and you’ve still reached out to me. Lots of love to you. :heart:

Thank you for replying. This means everything to me. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t seem to turn my negatives into positives.

But with your words and belief that I can keep going and survive, I get back a little spark of hope. I know it gets better but going thru this storm is tough. Especially alone. I’m so grateful for you, and everyone else, who has reached out to me. You guys are helping more than you know. :heart:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I know I have the power but I feel powerless at this point. But for you and for me I shall keep pushing on. I know this is just a set back. And something that takes time. So for now I’ll keep my head up and hopefully keep seeing the sunshine.

I can understand why you’re feeling so down, I have fibromyalgia and the pain I’m in puts me in a depression. And right now I’m also in one and it does get better. If I were you I’d try to use this time out of work to find a hobby or try to find something to do that you enjoy. This too shall pass.

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@emily Im so sorry you are in pain and feeling this way. You are not a burden and you are so loved. Even if the limitations from your injury dosent go away your life still has value and nothing can take that away

I can relate to this I moved to a place with high elevation and got extremely sick with altitude sickness and was hospitalized. I was there to do construction work for a long term mission trip. being athletic and strong was something that was apart of my identity. I could barely breath and felt trapped and worthless in my body along feeling like a burden for my team. i had to lean on the people around me and they helped me to see my value even when i couldn’t see it.

This community is here for you to lean on. without even knowing you we know you have value and we love you. You are never a burden. I don’t know exactly what you are going through with your injury or how you are feeling but you are never alone. Hold on to hope.

With love,

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It passes.

I spent 3 years getting very sick every week, and some weeks were so painful i thought i was going to die. seeing a doctor would happen rarely, but in one of the few times it happened, he tried something that worked and i could have a life again.

don’t give up, we never know when we’ll find the way to turn it around.

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@Emily Here is my response to your topic. You are loved.
If you want the drawing please email me [email protected]


Thank you. I hope your pain passes soon. As I hope mine does as well. I really lost all interest in anything. All I do is cry and overthink. But this community helps me in some ways. Thanks fo reaching out to me. :heart:

Thanks. Hope is all I have right now. I just don’t know how to get past this and being strong seems so hard right now. I’m sorry to hear of what you went through. I hope it has made you stronger and that it is now over. And you’re right this community is helping. And with no one not knowing anybody it makes us all feel loved and valued.

I will hold fast. :heart:

Thank you. I don’t have access to any doctors or physical therapy but I hope I can get through this myself. I know it will pass but when? I also know asking these questions makes my situation no better.

Thanks for reply and reminding me that this will pass. You guys make each day a little easier to deal with. :heart:

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You can do it! It will pass, you’re strong minded and will make it through this. Don’t give up, it’s hard feeling like you’re draining people just because you need help but I’m sure they care about you and want to make sure you’re okay. We love you!

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