I’m moving across the country

so i figured out a plan to move out of the bad place i’m in and it’s across the country. i’m excited, but very nervous. i haven’t had a job in such a long time, so i don’t know how i’ll be able to handle doing that and i have to work full time since i’m moving in with someone and i need to pitch in. i don’t know how to prepare myself for either of those things. i’ve never moved out of my state and i’ve lived in the same town for 17 years, so almost my entire life. i’ve been out of state, but living there is a whole different thing. also, i’m planning on only living across the country for about a year and then moving into my boyfriend’s place.

does anyone have any tips on how to prepare myself to move out and also how to deal with working full time with severe anxiety and ocd? also does anyone know how to get an at home job? that’d probably work best for me, but i’m a bit lost on where to look and how to figure out if it’s a real job.


As soon as you move in to the new state, get connected with a local church or social club and contact any social services that may offer some kind of assistance until you get yourself on your feet. Be aware of your surroundings.

yeah! i’ll probably connect with some groups, maybe not churches, but i’ll find some places. thanks for responding!

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your welcome glad to help

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Let me start by saying this is great news. I’m so glad to hear that you’ll soon be out of your toxic environment.

Any time I moved growing up I would only pack one or two bags because packing is stressful and my point of view was always, Once I get everything in order I can just replace whatever I left behind. As far as working with anxiety… I won’t sugarcoat it, that won’t be easy. Make sure you have a strong support system at home, find things to help you decompress and try to accept the fact that this will be new and hard, but at the same time, you will get through it.

Work at home jobs do exist but there are also a lot of work from home scams, so it’s a hard thing to get into unless you get a job that ends up becoming work from home because of Covid for example. I would make an Indeed acct and start working on a resume. By all means look for work from home jobs but those may be hard to come by initially. I would do this as soon as possible so you at least have your toes in the water by the time you get where you’re going.

Good luck Limey, I wish you all the best!

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Hey congrats on taking a leap. If you have a car, I want to say try a delivery job like grubhub or doordash. You get to be on your own schedule. If not, housekeeping is actually incredibly simple and easy money (cleaning can also be really good for anxiety and can maybe help you focus). Look into the Roover app as well if you don’t mind walking dogs.
Definitely look into Indeed.

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those are great ideas, thank you! i don’t have a car yet, but i’m learning how to drive

thank you so much for responding! i have the same outlook on packing, but i wouldn’t be going for forever anyway, so i don’t think i’ll have much trouble storing my things elsewhere.

i do have a support system, but he also works full time so that could be hard. i’m just going to give it my best shot and hope it works out!