I’m never going to date, or be close to people again

I decided that never going to date. It be extremely hard lonely life ahead of me. I still have my virginity and I can never get close to a woman again. One close female friend I had, so cause me so pain, rather have my heart ripped out. Or wish to had never met her.

For guys like me, I feel going on dating app, people judge on one or two things. Looks and money. Because I’m a janitor, women probably look me as a loser. And I’m not confident. So I got nothing to offer to a romantic partner. Also I’m virgin, so no women would date me.

Again I’m hypocrite because I judge people on their look too. My co workers say I’m too picky, I try not to be. But I don’t wanna waste anyone time, if I’m not attracted to them. I did to only woman that love and I felt fucking terrible about it. That why I probably deserve to die alone too.

Dating today just sucks, everyone act fake, it all face value and I don’t see any point of me doing. I feel never good enough for women or they just take advantage. I see people in relationships that are never happy. It seem a lot just separate or just get divorced. No point to it to be honest.

I recently bought myself cruise ticket, which never do if I had date someone. I hate make it about money, but I rather spend money on myself, than some jerk they would just use me. Also pay for my mental health bills and boxing lessons. Before I met that jerk ( close female friend) I was doing okay by myself. I wish I never met her because, doing my own thing and just fucking happy. Honestly my best self, when I don’t have a partner. I feel want to be at place where I’m at peace. Without anyone period.

Loneliness is going kill, I just be strong to stand on my own.


I decided to never date again too. A couple of years after that decision, I unexpectedly met someone. Were still together.

It’s okay to be picky, especially when considering how often relationships fail. You are right not to waste anyone’s time if you don’t find them attractive.

What about having a pet? Can I ship my cat to you? Just kidding. He used to be mean as hell, but after 10 years, he’s starting to mellow.

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there. I know you are always so down about your friend and how much you miss her friendship but I just so wish you could see how much value you have and that you can truly be your own best friend.

You do these things alone but do you stop to enjoy the moments or do you just sit there thinking about how alone you are? Try to be in the moment when you are at a restaurant alone. Try new dishes and savour the flavour of the food. Have you ever tried cooking or baking? They can be such relaxing and wonderful activities to do alone. It’s peaceful watching your hands create something delicious from ingredients that do not taste good alone. If you don’t know how maybe try a cooking class. Some cruises even have them as an option.

I think spending some time by yourself can be really beneficial to you but only if you embrace being alone. And I think this cruise can be so great for you. Appreciate a sunset and the way the waves will crash against the boat. The feeling of the wind on your face. Appreciate the beauty around you. Don’t look at the couples and families and envy them or let them fuel your negative thoughts. Watch the birds and the clouds. Explore the ports that your ship docks at and make some wonderful memories. Try new foods. Buy a couple silly souvenirs. I think you could help let this cruise be an amazing opportunity for you to leave some of the negativity you feel in the past and embrace yourself and the wonderful person you are.

And when you get back I agree with Wings that a pet would be a really good thing for you to get. A true companion. Don’t shop around for some specific breed or anything. Go to a shelter or two and find the animal that you connect with and that will connect with you and give it a better life. Help both of you find a better life full of the unconditional love you both deserve.

You cannot love and appreciate other creatures until you love and appreciate yourself. I firmly believe that. I cannot wait to hear how the cruise goes. I hope you have a fabulous trip! :hrtlegolove:

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