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I’m never good enough and it hurts so much

Getting told “your never good enough” hurts so bad. I’ve been told that four word statement so many times I’m beginning to think it’s true. My dreams have been continuously shut down by “you will never be good enough to do that” or “that’s to big for you to ever reach, why don’t you stick to a office job”. Am I just not good enough for anything? Are my dreams dumb and too big? I think it’s probably true if people keep telling me it so it must be true.


hay frist of all i love you you are good enough dont listen to them keep fighting i know how you feel as i been told that tow am here for you keep fight dont give up no is not true liten to your heart you can do everthing you are doing what you are doing ffor a reson flowerds that reson is ok to flowerd your own path you dont have to listen to what outher think is best for you listen to your self you know you best so do it flowers your dream is not going to be esay life is not esay going toght thew pain becuse it will become success so keep fight am on your side am here for you you keep trying i dont care you are good effount if you put your mind to it you got this you can do everthing you what you flower your own path dont flower the path everone else what you too becuse that dosent make you happy do what makes you happy not outher pepole be you you got this you can do ever thing you what ok you are loved

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@Adam787 ,
Those are crappy people that have told you that let me say the truth ;
1)You are good enough 2) You will be enough .
Do what you like to do . dont let anyone tell you something else. if you want to be a teacher, be a teacher , if you want to be a police officer , be one, if you want to enlist in the army do that. Make your own choice for yourself not what they want , but it has to be a positive choice not negative. Whats your dream job? what do you want for yourself. You are an amazing person dont let anyone tell you anything else.



What a terrible thing to be told. And unfair. I’m sorry that someone is telling you these things. Know that they are lies and far from true. So many people try to beat us down with harsh words and it can be really hard to rise above it. But know that these things you are being told are so far from the truth. You ARE good enough. You WILL be good enough. You ARE deserving.

My life, I spend around family, “friends” and schoolmates that told me the same things. They made me believe that I was unworthy. That I didnt matter. That I wasn’t good enough and never would be. So I shouldn’t expect to be treated any different. I spent a lot of years hiding because I was ashamed of myself.

Don’t do that to yourself. It’s so awful. Take those words and prove them otherwise. Stand above their lies and carry confidence in knowing that you are so worth it. You are so worthy. You are good enough. You are deserving and that no matter how much they try to feed you these lies, you will push on.

No dream is too big. You just keep thriving and pushing for the things you want. No matter what people try to tell you. Keep fighting for the things you want for yourself and the things you want to be. All dreams take the commitment, patience and time, but if you are willing to put in that effort, then nothing can stop you from achieving them. Keep fighting.

You are loved and cared for my friend. I believe in you! <3

Hold fast!


hey adam,

i’m crying a bit because i’m honestly feeling the same thing. i didn’t have parents who said they were proud of me even if i had done well in school. i never got recognition or validation from them at all. i’m honestly really jealous because my brother got all the attention even when i did my best in school. and it hurt. i’m still hurt.

i’m really proud of you for reaching out. this took guts. if pursuing your dreams is something that makes you happy, i support that. i support your decisions in chasing your dreams. your family, friends, or nearby coworkers may continue telling you those four words, but i’ll tell you “you’re inspiring and courageous.” i’m working on being brave like you to chase my dreams too.

~ <3


Adam, I want to tell you that you are loved and you are good enough. You hold the power to mold your own life, you hold the power to be in charge of your dreams, not anyone else. No dream is dumb, you know why? Because dreams become our goals and our goals become our passions.


Hey Adam–
First of all: you are not alone in fearing that you may not be enough. Part of being human is the fear that we will never accomplish what we set out to do. That being said: you absolutely are enough.
Your dreams are achievable: regardless of what they are, what they transform into, and what others tell you. Those who are trying to sell you on the idea of you never reaching your goals are those afraid to even try, intimidated by the fact that you have the audacity to dream.
Being passionate about something is the spark within your soul and whether they recognize it or not, that is why the people who hold you dear love you. Please don’t give up-- faith in yourself is hard to attain, and even harder to hold on to, but you deserve it-- as you deserve to meet your dreams. And, more importantly,you are 100% capable of doing so, regardless of what they are.


Hey Adam

As a Twitch Broadcaster, I constantly faced adversity in being told what I could and couldnt do. What was doable and what wasnt. What was realistic.

We love you over here. We support you over here. Here is our advice <3


@DyllonKG the overall dream is to work with something to do with mental health and just to stream off twitch too full time. But the constantly being said “not smart enough” to be in the field is setting me back.

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I’m so sorry people tell you that Adam, it’s wrong and you shouldn’t have to deal with being told that. That being said, people’s words don’t determine your worth. Just because a lot of people say something doesn’t make that something true, hundreds of thousands of people say the earth is flat, but that doesn’t stop it from being round. You are good enough, and you have worth. They’re wrong. Your dreams aren’t too big, and they certainly aren’t dumb. You are fully capable of achieving them, I believe in you.

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Dont let other people stop you. They arent holding you back. Youre letting them hold you back. I was told for years and years that I could never do this.

Advocacy for mental health doesnt take the biggest brain or the most empathetic heart. It just takes a willingness to talk. And be vulnerable. And show others that they can be those things as well.

I know that it is hard to shake the feeling of not being good enough

I encourage you to shake the people that put you down from your life because that isnt worth it (if you can)

Surrounding yourself with people that believe in you will go a long way.

Ill tell you this right now, it can take years. It took me a decade. But i made it. Im doing it. Every day.

So keep pushing. Never forget your worth. THEY dont determine your value. YOU DO


Yeah, yeah. Do this, do that. Don’t do this, Don’t do that. This is why I hate counseling. I can’t take other people’s advice. I think that is why most of us are here.

I was never good enough or smart enough… but I was knocked enough around enough to finally realize…

Be your own kind of smart, based on what YOU LIKE. If you feel artsy, use that to your advantage.
But if you have a problem listening to others, go your own way but listen to the sound of your own heart, okay?

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Honestly… i can feel the same thing as well. Just don’t ever give up on your dream no matter what. Keep doing things that you love and keep moving forward on that journey.

Thanks everyone for the works of encouragement and everything love you all.

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Hi. I’m gonna start off by saying that unless it’s something like, “I’m gonna ride a dragon” or “I’m gonna keep a unicorn as a pet!” Or something outrageous like that, then it’s possible. Even going to the moon, if you work hard enough! I’m going to be honest and say that personally, I’ve never really been told that I have dreams and goals that are too big to reach or that I’m not good enough by others, but I can definitely see how being told that, after being so passionate, and putting so much work into something, can be devastating. But know that just because someone says something, even if multiple people repeat it, doesn’t make it true. Nobody knows you more than yourself and others can’t change that fact. It’s never too late to start and if you put in the effort, just about anything is possible!! We will all be here to support you in your decisions and help you out along the way! Stay strong and go accomplish your goals! Success is an amazing weapon against those people that bring you down. Prove them wrong in the best way possible!!!

     I believe in you!
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:heart: thanks for the kind words means a lot

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I feel the same as you. I’ve never been told that, however my family and some of my teachers make it super obvious that I am not good enough at all. They always give me that look or just an expression that makes me feel like i’m worth nothing. I’m sorry that this has happened to you and I hope we can all try to look on the bright side of things and believe that we don’t have to listen to what people say. we can make our own goals come true no matter what anyone says or what tough times we have to go through.

I feel like I don’t belong in my own house. I don’t have a place I can call “home” anymore. My mom makes me feel like a big piece of crap and that I don’t have any worth. She never wants to understand me, and when I do try to talk to her she ignores me and it seems like she doesn’t care. I’ve been struggling so much with being at school and having to worry about things at home. I’ve stopped caring about myself and ive lost all interest in things I used to do. I feel like I don’t belong here and I want to run away. I hate this. I just want to feel loved in my family and not treated like some robot that is only created to do chores and do what the other people desire. My family treats my brother and my youngest sister better than me and my twin. They always get mad at me and never try to understand me. I just want to be treated the same and actually feel like I have a purpose in life. I try to talk to my parents but they usually just think I am trying to be smarter than them or that I’m giving them attitude. I want to feel truly happy for once. My mom only cares about my school work and my grades but not my depression or self care.