I’m no longer myself

Dear Self
I don’t know you anymore
And I like you even less.

You’re a constant lump in my throat
And I can’t breathe
You’re making me question everyone

“You wana see me disappear?
Well so do I
So do I”


dear Bimini’s Self and the rest of Bimini.
You matter and you’re important,
however and whoever you are becoming,
no matter your struggles,
you’re loved!



We Know you, we love you and we are here for you whenever you need us, we are you online family and are here to lean on at any time. I know its hard but you not only have your strength but ours too.

You are a wonderful :green_heart:


Hey Neko, Just checking in and sending love to you my friend. xxx

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I’m trying to remind myself to be kind and patient with myself. It’s definitely been hard


you matter Neko, you are loved.
life is hard, more often then we would like. staying strong is hard. be sure we are also there for you when you
need it, like we are so proud of you being part of this community.
feel hugged my friend.

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I’m proud of you for trying. Trying is what this is all about, as none of us can learn just in a day how to be okay with even just the idea of being kind and patient with ourselves. You try because you don’t want to let the wrong voices win, because deep inside you know your worth, you know there’s more to all of this – and especially to the times of doubts and wander.

There’s not enough words to express how grateful I am for you, for your existence, for your heart. Hearing you, knowing you, brings so much joy to my life. We all here are going to keep standing by your side, and doing our best to bring some more oxygen when it gets hard to breathe. This lump in your throat is very vivid, very real, but it’s not you. It’s something else, something that has to be carried, but something to never mix up with you as a person, with who you are.

There is so much beauty and vitality in you. Next time you feel this uneasiness, please try to put a hand on your heart, or your belly - wherever you feel more whole physically -, and allow yourself to feel all the strength and life there is within you as well. It is there, even during difficult times. It’s just a little bit more muted, a little more discreet, but certainly not defeated.

I love you tons. :hrtlegolove:

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My sweet friend Neko,

I can’t say anything more than what everyone else has said. You are loved, you are important, you matter so much. We are here to stand with you whenever you need us. Learning to love ourselves is a process and being kind to ourselves takes practice. It takes getting used to. But I will tell you you are worth it. Every cell of you is precious and I love you my friend.


This reminds me of a sufran Stevens song “i can see a lot of life in you. I can see a lot of bright in you”. I love you!

@Mamadien you are incredible and I’m so thankful to read those words. It really does keep me going x

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