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I’m not doing good

I’m not doing good at all, my grandma has to been helping me with taking care of my sh bc it’s become worse then before now. i’m pretty much harming every single day and night, mainly because i’m struggling to stay alive again


Hi Horselover200246
I am sorry you are hurting so much. It can really feel hopeless i know. But it can be better then this. There are people that love you and care about you like your grandma. You are not alone in this. Have you considered maybe admitting yourself to a hospital for a while. You are really struggling and I think changes need to be made to your medication. Its just a possibility. When I feel suicidal I know why I do feel this way. Do you know why you feel this way? It is the pain or something else. For me its always a combination of things. It might be helpful to know exactly what causes you to feel like death is a better option. We are here for you Horselover and we will listen. Hang in there :heart:


I’m still waiting to get on meds bc my mom didn’t have the time to get me into for them. my parents have said if i keep getting worse i will be going into the hospital. i also don’t know why i feel really suicidal


Sometimes the reason is not so clear to us. I think a good medication should be a start. Its hard to do a self discovery journey with all of those intrusive thoughts roaming around. Medication can really help. Its not going to solve the problem but it will make it more bearable. I hope you will get the help you need soon :heart:


I’ve been trying to get onto the medication it’s just hard to when i’m not even close to home right now i’m living with my grandparents arm


Ask your grandma to find you a doctor nearby. The doctor can either help or make a referral for you. Being away from home isn’t a deal breaker. The doctor at your current location can coordinate care with your previous doctor. Don’t just mess around or put off dealing with your mental health. You don’t need to suffer, and you’re too valuable to neglect yourself.

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