I’m not ready to go home to my parents

i’m not ready to go home to my parents my mom hasn’t let me get the meds i really need, there just thinking my mental issues was from not seeing my grandma in years which it’s not that, my mom dosen’t understand i have mental issues that need to be taken care with an doctor which might be never. I don’t want to go another year with strugbc i know once i go home it’s gonna be really bad for me bc the mental abuse might start all again, then my mom verbal abuse might start but probably not bc my one support team has talked to her a bout it now i at least think they did bc they were, posy to


Does this support team know you’re not getting the meds? It sounds like you’re not sure if things will be better or not when you get home. Do you have other options? Have you talked to your support team about how you may become less vulnerable to verbal abuse?

Remember in the movie, “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie described how his father “wove a tapestry of profanity that still hovers over Lake Michigan.” My mom was like that. When she got angry, she could emit hundreds of words of profanity before taking a breath. I’d say her tapestry of profanity still echoes off the buildings in Detroit. Unfortunately for her, I got really used to it, and reminded myself that in her own crazy way, she cared about me. It was unfortunate for her because when she couldn’t succeed in getting me upset, she became even more upset.

Remind yourself that you won’t be in that situation forever, and that you can survive until things change for you.


From: twixremix

hey friend,

thank you for sharing this update and taking the time to write out how things are going for you. i’m so sorry you are in this situation… please never forget the fact that you deserve care, love, and comfort. being refused medication from your mom, facing misunderstandings, and enduring mental/verbal abuse is not and will never be normal. like our pal wings says, you will not be in this situation forever. i hope your support team can help intervene more in communication how you feel to your mom if you feel like you need that extra support. you are so loved, valued, and worthy of everything good in this world. you will make it through this, i believe in you fully to make it through!



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, I am sorry you are so worried about going home to you parents after the summer at your grandmothers, it seems like you are getting yourself anxious and concerned about it and worrying about what might happen, but as you said in the post, some things may have changed with your mum after speaking with your support team.

Maybe going in with a more positive mindset which I know is difficult with the past in your mind but try and see how things go, with reference to your meds? the only thing I can suggest is asking your support team to talk to your mum about them if you think that you doing that will cause a problem. I truly hope that this will be a fresh start for you both.

Much love Lisalovesfeathers.x


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey horselover :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry that you don’t feel ready to go back home.

I was really hoping that this summer with your grandparents would help you feel safe in your home environment and help you feel like you could handle everything back there but I know things have been a little turbulent with your grandparents as well. I hope things improved some since you are wanting to stay there rather than go home.

I’m sorry that your mom isn’t letting you get the meds and help you need. I hope that your support team talked to her or that they do so soon and that it all gets sorted.
I really hope this year goes better for you, friend. Please keep us posted on what’s happening and about if you are able to get the meds you need. Good luck and stay strong :hrtlegolove:


From: Rohini_868

hi there Horselover200246

I’m so glad that your support team has been able to talk to your mother about hte verbal abuse, and I do hope that she will change her behaviour in that regard.

Can you make a plan with your support team about how you’re going to deal with various situations? In case the verbal abuse starts again, in case she is being unwilling to carry you to your doctor’s appointments, etc?

I know things can get really intense really quickly, and it’s always helpful to have a game plan of sorts beforehand, so you know who to call, when to reach out. Have you been precribed meds already that your mom refuses to get you? Please inform your team about this, because i don’t think she should be keeping you away from prescribed meds. Have them talk to her about this, and see if she understands that you need those meds.

As always, I’m glad you’re here with us, and I wish you the best. Please continue to update us on how things are progressing with you, friend. You matter


Hello there,

I am so sorry that you are carrying this burden right now. One thing that helps me is setting short-term goals: start a new hobby, join a group, join a club, or do something that you enjoy. I want you to know that you are seen & you matter. Thank you for being a part of this world.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


I don’t really talk to my support team about it bc we have talked about it before an said if she starts it again to tell them an they will involve cfs/cps and no theses meds weren’t prescribed for me i was post to go for an doctor appointment even before going to my grandparents to get the meds but we didn’t have the time bc of things i think i’m post to go to the doctors again once i get home bc my doctor needs to me a new glucose meter for school, so i’m gonna try to get meds when i go

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