I’m not well my life is wasted

I’m fat, ugly, and alone I need help but can’t afford it. I’m an embarrassment to my children and my husband is as dense as it comes. Is this really all that life is? I fail at everything and I’ve been told more than once that I’m a horrible person. I want to be free from this pain.

Hey friend. Thank you for reaching out.
I’m sorry that you feel this way… Maybe you need to sit and talk to your husband. Your kids will love you the way you are, that won’t change.
It’s not going to be a solution, but have you looked into Dwarf Planet? A workbook made my the staff here at HeartSupport focussing on depression and low mood. It might be helpful? You can get it completely free on the website. I can hook you up with a link if you think it’s soemthjng that will help.
Another thing that may be helpful is the BetterHelp service. HeartSupport have worked together with them and you can get a 7 day free trial. You will have to put in your card details, but as long as you cancel it before the trial ends, you won’t be charged. If you decide during those 7 days that it’s helpful, you can keep it going and they offer financial support as well, lowering the cost if you can’t afford the standard pricing.
I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, but, I don’t believe any of those things you are saying about yourself. You are loved. I invite you to come join our discord server and be a part of our twitch streams if you’re not already! Come make some awesome new friends and get encouragement. That would be awesome.

Hold fast

We all want to be free from pain. From my experience there is no being free yet you can make it so that you can allieviate it and not have it control you. Being lonely when you are among others breaks you. I am sorry that you feel this. Being told that you’re a horrible person and being a horrible person is totally two separate things. My question is do you have guilt or regret?

I have a feeling you don’t like who you are. My question is do you know who you are? From my experience a lot of people don’t yet think they do because others have told them what and who they are. (Even our names are given to us) I don’t think you’re a failure. To be a failure is to quit. What you did with this post is ask for help. (You basically stated that you’ve not given up with this small act of posting.)

Now my question is why do you feel like you’re ugly, fat and alone? Are you? IS there any small changes you can do to improve the ugly, fat and loneliness? Can you do little changes that can lead to bigger changes? Is it just your perspective and really you’re pretty, normal and have people that care about you?

I hope this has helped you to put matters in perspective. I will lend any suggestions if you ask. I lend my support and hope you get what you desire.