I’m numb and scared

I’m isolated and nothing is bringing me joy. Not even art or dance which are my favorite things. I just want to shut my eyes and wait for everything to go away.

Everything feels out of touch. I feel so alone. Just getting up to walk feels exhausting. I haven’t showered in a couple days.

And here come those stupid tears. I just want this to go away.


Hi there @Rosethorn,

We discussed a bit during the past weeks, and I’m sorry you’re hurting right now. I’m holding your hand and want you to know that you’re not alone. :heart:

Those tears are not stupid. For the moment, they have a reason to be, even if it’s exhausting.

What about doing something that makes you feel comfy, relaxed, and doesn’t need to spend much energy? Like being wrapped in a cosy blanket and drinking some hot beverage. I’m pretty sure you can think about that kind of thing, even smallest ones, so you can do it when you feel down and take care of yourself.

You’ll get to art and dance again. What you’re feeling right now is temporary. When you feel like everything is too difficult, then you can come back to simple and easy things to do for yourself. Other things can wait.

Sending much love to you. :heart:

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Maybe I ll just slow all the way down. I’ve been trying to cover everything up in the past months with moving, money, extra jobs (not good at keeping the jobs).I crash again and again. I don’t feel like I can go after anything right now until I take care of how I feel. I land back in the same spot. Can’t make a decision where I want to go next with my life. So maybe I do need to do less and process.

There are things in my life I want to go after…but right now…getting out of bed feels like the hardest thing. I did get to the gym today. And the store. And a coffee shop. So I guess it’s something. Thank you for the support

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Hey @Rosethorn,

It seems to me that it’s a really positive state of mind. Taking care of how you feel is indeed necessary to reach your personal goals. So it’s not an easy thing to accept to slow down for a while, but it really is a wise thing to do. I sincerely wish you the best. :heart:

Hey it’s will be OK you need to take a shower write in a journal if you have one play some calming music make yourself some food do something that will benefit you. But just know isolation isn’t the end of you believe I went through a three months of not getting out as much as I did before.