I’m sad and I feel alone

Iv been depressed a really long time… I felt alone most of my life …
sometimes things get so bad. And I start to wonder what life would be like if I gave up…
my boyfriend knows all of this , about the depression And anxiety … I try to be there for him but I’m let down a lot … this is a person that doesn’t say goodnight…doesn’t show up when I ask him too or he comes late … I don’t know what to do
He makes me sad, I cry myself to sleep .
I just thought that I could have someone ,one person who’d show up for me
Am I asking for to much?
Iv never felt so alone… I feel like maybe all this isn’t worth it ,I want to give up



Hello. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the community. I hope you feel safe here. I’m sorry you are not doing okay. I want to share this song to you. Listen carefully.

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Tbh I’m in your position, I’m trying to make it work and it’s hard but we are married and we have a child and I do love him some how.
You should go explore and meet new people but be careful. I’ve cried myself asleep plenty of nights and have felt the unwanted feeling, the feeling of being unappreciated. I’m sorry your going through that I hope your doing okay🙂

First of all don’t give up i’m here for you if you wanna talk. Also i am not sure that you should have a boyfriend that makes you sad or that you can’t really depend on cuz thats just gonna make you feel worse about yourself when in reality you are the problem. I am sorry you are going through this and no you are not asking for too much tbh you aren’t even asking for anything. You are not alone. You are valued, cared for, and important. You belong here and deserve to be here. we are all gonna have hard times in life, sometimes a little harder than other have it, but doesn’t mean you should give up i mean you’ve made it this far your strong and you can do this. I am here if you having anything else you wanna let off your chest, ask, or just say.