I’m scared for my friend

Hey guys, I posted yesterday and the day before about my issues, but I have a friend who has distanced herself from me extremely. We are very close which is why I am worried. I tried to talk to her about it and she said we were still friends and that we were fine, but she said she’s taking a step back from everything and wants to talk to people less. She also kind of cut me off and hasn’t said anything to me for over a day. I’m worried about her and if someone has any advice I would appreciate it.


Hi @Fuzziestofpondsshe might need help. Text her, check up on her. I didn’t do it for my best friend i was too late, he wasn’t reading his text anymore because he was gone. Go visit her and ask her about her life and how she feels!!!
Please, help her!!
With much love :heart:

Hey @Fuzziestofponds ,

It’s really awesome to care about your friend the way you do. Distancing ourselves and taking some time off can be very positive sometimes, but it also depends on the motivation behind it. Did you notice signs, before her decision, that would indicate that she’s depressed or going through a rough time? Also did you have any news or updates since you posted this?

Thinking of you and your friend. I hope you’re both okay. :hrtlegolove:

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