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I’m scared of doctors


I’ve been having trouble with my knee for the past 8 years and last year a doctor finally found out what’s wrong with it.
It got a bit better, but since two days ago I can hardly walk again and I’m in so much pain.
I know I have to get another appointment with this doctor, but I’m so scared of of what he’ll say and what I have to do to fix my knee.
I’m so sick of the pain, but I’m so scared of doctors and hospitals. I had knee surgery three years ago, and it was an experience I don’t need again.

When I just think about having to go to the doctor, and with the possibility that I need another surgery, it makes me so anxious and overwhelmed and makes me cry.
Now I’m not only crying because of the pain, but also because I’m so scared.

I’m only 21 years old, but my my knee feels like it’s 150 years old…


I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with your knee but the only way you’re going to get rid of the pain is to go get it checked out and possibly get another surgery even though it’s scary you can do this we all have your back here we support you

Love you friend.


I have chronic giant cell tumors in my long bones. I know your fear by name. At some point, something has to go right, right? But it’s always another MRI, another round of blood work, X-ray your lungs, and a casual “see you again in 6 months.” And doctors never seem to be able to give you the hope you need, just their honest, not too blunt, medical opinion.

I wish I could ease those fears. I really do. I trust you know it has to be done, no matter how cold and sterile it is. There’s no celebration for people like us, no one helps us fold laundry, or turn over a bottle of shampoo. It’s depressing. But we aren’t defined by our limitations, and I believe you are more than a medical bill.

Keep going to those appointments. Keep working towards a permanence. You’re a special kind of fighter and survivor, and we’ve got work to do.


Thank you my friend.
Love ya!