I’m scared of L.A

My Nana’s husband recently got his toe and part of his foot amputated so we’re going to California. My mom says that LPD is know for racial based violence and I’m assuming L.A is one of the cities where there have been lots of major BLM protests, and also LPD is basically a gang with badges. My mom can easily identify as Black and I’m scared that if there is a situation we need to call the police, she will be assaulted or killed. I’m also freaked out that because of her skin, she‘ll be treated like a criminal and possibly arrested for just simply walking around the store. How can I be sure nothing will happen?


Hi Scarlette,

Gosh that’s so scary to have to live with that fear. I can only imagine what that’s like and I don’t have the knowledge to speak on this but I just wanted to at least send you some love. And to remind you that you and your mom and whole family deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and fairness. It’s terrible that that is not the normal for everyone in our country. I pray that your family stays safe during your time in LA. Sending you love.


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Hello again, Scarlette! Your concerns are very understandable considering what has been happening in America lately. It can be worrying to come into contact with police officers, especially since they can make mistakes and bad choices just like the rest of us can. It can be hard to trust authority figures like the police, but I like to believe that many police officers are just as kind and compassionate to others as we would like them to be. In Los Angeles, it is not uncommon to see police officers who are people of color themselves, who understand the kind of fears that minorities in their communities may have.

I know you will likely still be a little worried about it, but I want to assure you that everything will be okay!

I spoke with my mom about it and she says that she’ll be fine because she’s lighter than the people LPD mistreats, and I’m not concerned for myself because I’m White passing. I still am worried for her. Thank you!

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