I’m scared to be alone after a break up

Last Tuesday my boyfriend left me… i was completely blindsided by it. We argued that morning and then we made up and spent the rest of the day together. Then he drops me off at home first before his friends, and on his way home back to his house he FaceTimes me and breaks up with me… now I’m scared to sleep in my room, I’ve been sleeping in my living room. I’m scared to be alone at any time of day… I feel like I’m bothering my friends because I only repeat myself about him, but I’m still upset with it all. I gave him his stuff back yesterday and walked home crying…I’m not sure what to do. I’m tired of being sad and angry and scared… I still love him…

Sorry you’re going through this. Suddenly being this lonely can feel pretty scary when you haven’t had it in a while, but it gets better. being on your own doesn’t always feel this bad. and you won’t be completely lonely - you got us.

It gets better.

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