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I’m sick of being invisible

I’m losing more self worth and confidence every day if that’s even possible. I’m always forgotten by the people around me. It’s like I’m a ghost and my presence doesn’t make much of a difference. People always forget I was with them at a certain event. Literally one of the simplest sentences has become one of the most painful ones to hear: “oh, you were there?” Or “I forgot you were there.”. It makes me realize how useless I am. I don’t get invited to many things because I’m listed as unimportant. And honestly I would avoid going anywhere when given the chance. Who would remember I was there and who would remember I wasn’t? Everyday I’m reminded that I’m useless because that’s how the people around me treat me. My opinions don’t matter and when I’m talking it’s seems like nobody’s listening. I always blame it on myself. I try to find where I went wrong. What did I do to make them treat me that way. But I’m a people pleaser and I would never treat them badly for them to treat me that way. Did that make them think I was a pushover? All I know is that I’m sick of being invisible. I want someone to prove me wrong. I want to be important to any of the people around me.


Hey Pluto, you’re not invisible. I see you and hear what you have to say.

Hold fast.

Edit: Something is wrong with posting the video, I will DM it to you. @Pluto