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I’m so angry at myself


I’m dealing with a lot of emotional pain right now. I was up until 4 am crying. My one friend said that because I didn’t listen to God and made the choice of getting back with my ex, the consequence of it was God taking wrestling away from me. I’ve been crying every night and keep hating myself because wrestling isn’t coming back and it’s all my fault. How could I be so stupid? How did I not notice the manipulation? Now my dream is gone because I didn’t do what God wanted me to do :pensive:



No matter what you do, God still loves you. You are not being punished of what happened. Also, He is not responsible for others’ actions. Don’t beat yourself down because of an ex manipulated you. Your anger is okay, however, don’t become your anger. Control it. As a fellow believer, I think you are child of God. He is making you a better person. The only thing you can do is trust Him. He will not forsake you, He is with you, and He is there for you.