I’m so anxious I can’t function

I am suffering from anxiety so bad that I try to leave the house and I just cry. I feel so frustrated that I can’t make phone calls or do any socialising without experiencing feelings of panic . I’m in therapy and I have other mental illnesses but this is really making me feel bad about myself as well as stressing me out. I just feel like no one in my life understands what I’m going through and covid has made it worse.


Hey everythings gonna be fine. just think of the happy moments. like it can be very rare and to u it may not exist or rarely comes. and i know times are bleak and it seems like everythings crumbling and you cant seem to get yourself out of the crumbled pile. and a nice exercise for me is to get a rubber band n just flick it on your wrist and if that doesnt work just go for a walk outside n go to a secluded n just let it out let your frustration n just let it out then soldier on n take a nice shower n atleast try to sleep. and sorry if this didnt work out but things will get better. and i can say thing because i been there and its not fun well for me i just isolate myself n dont leave the house for a week straight n just feel the whole world collasping well i hope u find this useful.

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Hey @GrungeGirl - That sounds really hard! Not being able to do the things you want because of panic can make you feel really bad about yourself, and like things are just out of your control. I am sorry you are dealing with that, it is okay to feel frustrated.

I just want to point out that, while you are in therapy, those things can take a long time to work through and learn about so that you can cope. It is okay to be in a transition right now, and that you are seeking help and the tools to process is really admirable and I am super proud of you.

It can be really hard for people around you to understand your mental health, and what you face everyday. You deserve grace and understanding, so I am very glad you posted here. They may in time come to be able to see what you deal with, without judgement, but being able to truly understand someone is a really big ask and they might not be ready or capable of that. It is okay to be sad they can’t, but it is good to reach out to places where people are who might be able to understand you better, like here!

You matter, and I am so sorry the state of the world has made things harder for you. We are here to listen, thank you for being here, too.