I’m so done with life (TW suicide)

I’m so done with life i’m just getting treated like crap, I can’t do nothing right anymore. I just want to end my misery already. i have no one who really supports my sexuality i’m just getting told i don’t know yet.


Hey @Horselover200246 ,

If you are not safe right now, could you reach out to a crisis line? Just to share your heart with people on the line and make sure you give yourself the time needed for those dark thoughts to slow down:

i have no one who really supports my sexuality i’m just getting told i don’t know yet.

Would you like sharing a little more about what you mean with that? We can try to support you here depending on what’s going on, and if you’re willing to talk about it. In any case, you’re in a safe place to talk. :hrtlegolove:


What i’m meaning with that most of my friends and my mom is saying i don’t know if my sexuality yet when i keep saying i know it.

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Oh I see. Thank you for responding. <3

I’m sorry that they keep saying that you don’t know while, obviously, you do know. Your sexuality is something intimate and personal, and no one else but you can know how you feel about it and what’s your own identity. They can’t really have a say on it.

Sometimes, people react that way because they’re not really ready to accept what we say. Do you think maybe it could be because they have a hard time to accept your own sexual identity?


I do think it’s because they aren’t ready to accept my sexuality.

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Yea that makes sense… yet it’s so disheartening that people around us don’t seem to be willing to understand.

Do you think this could be improved by talking to them? Like having some calm and honest conversations about it, just as a way to also help them to educate themselves rather than judging or rejecting that part of your identity.

In any case, I hope you know that how they react doesn’t define you. You are you, and you are enough as you are. No one has a say on your sexuality.


I’ve been trying to talk to them they just aren’t listening to me.

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