I’m so sick and tired of it

I’m sick of having to listen to peoples problems only for them to look away, when i need someone.
I’m sick of hearing to chill out, because I panic when someone starts arguing.
Well, I’m sorry most of the arguments I witnessed turned bad and someone ended up crying!
I’m sorry, I’m sensitive and get triggered easily!
I’m sorry I’m such a goddamn mess!
I’m sorry, I’m not fucking enough.
I’m sick of hearing, that I’m a crybaby.
I’m tired of hearing, I ‘skip’ school, because all the stress makes me sick! I’m sick of getting yelled at.
I’m sorry, that when I’m in a bad mood, I don’t put on a fake smile and act all happy!
I’m sorry, I’m not as skinny as her, or as pretty. Or that my grades aren’t as good at his.
I’m sorry, I have social anxiety and don’t want to make this call! Or to talk to this stranger!
I’m sorry, my depression makes me want to stay in bed all day!
I’m sorry, I cry so fucking much.

I’m just so damn tired of it all.

Hi friend - I am so sorry right along there with you. You are clearly really struggling and in a lot of pain. I’m sorry you feel alone. Please know there are many of us here who are with you - we know your pain and the feeling of exhaustion from dealing with mental health issues. We know that hopelessness. But please also know that you can get through this. Have you read Dwarf Planet? (https://heartsupport.com/resources/) I found it helpful and comforting to read. It can help you learn some coping skills for what you are going through - and even sometimes just feeling like you have a resource to help you can be a huge comfort in hard times.

Please know you are enough. You may not feel that way, and you may feel like you are a mess, but that doesn’t mean that is who you are. Give yourself a chance. :heart:

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