I’m so tired

I struggle with my mental health alone. My parents don’t understand how horrible I feel right now and whenever I try to express it they try to come up with excuses and tell me that I’m too young to have mental health issues but never try to acknowledge how I feel and never try to have heart to heart conversations with me. My sister is always their top priority. I get no support until I express wanting to kill myself and even then it’s barely anything. I am always crying and breaking down and they don’t bother to hug me or comfort me. They tell me that I do not have an actual reason to cry. They always yell at me and tell me that my ‘excuses’ for not doing stuff aren’t valid reasons when in reality somedays I just feel so mentally drained and tired to the point I just want to fall into a deep void of sleep but no matter how hard I try I can’t. My parents will never fully understand how I feel and always try to rationalize their explanations as to why I should do things when they say so by telling me stories about things they had to do when they were younger.


Hi insomniac,
thank you for sharing and reaching out to us.
Welcome to Heart Support, glad that you found your way here.
first of all i feel sorry that you have to go trough that, and i can relate a lot.
your parents should take you seriously, your parents should make you feel loved and safe.
they should support you in every way, or at least to get you the support that you need and deserve.
our generation is different to theirs, how the world works is so much different like it was years ago.
i think that you have to deal with a lot more, social media, school, media, internet, bullying, mobbing.
it feels for me personally that the most things turns more into bad ways these days.
since i have to deal with my mental health, i try to explain it to my mom, as good as i can. by now it
feels for me that it gets overlooked, or that she does not care really, so i can relate to you, because i feel like that she does not want to hear it, or does not accept it. she told me that
she doesn’t had to deal with something like this, there was only make it. when i do something right
now, like the changes in my life, it feels for me that she does not want to see all the good things, i
never experienced hugs, “i am proud of you” or “i love you” in my youth, also right now, she only talks to me when something happens that she does not like, or why you do this… why you do that.
you will not change them, but you can change yourself. don’t be like that, start with being kind. the
world around you will recognize it. people will see that. its easier said that done, i know.
try to reach out to someone in your school, maybe they will have a school therapist or someone you
can reach out to. or talk with friends about your worries.
We also have Crisis Resources, they are there for you.

you are also always welcomed here for sure, anytime. i hope that helps you a bit, and be strong my
friend. you can be proud of yourself, we are and i am. you matter and you deserve all the good in
this world. you are worth it. have a wonderful day and i hope you feel my hug for you, you are loved,

Hey Friend,
we wanted to check on you. you can reach out here anytime and with everything you want.
we are there for you, we care about you. you are loved and you matter.
please stay in touch and keep us updated about your progress.
feel hugged and loved.

From: ManekiNeko

hey friend, it’s been a little while, but we just wanted to check in on you and see how you are. To remind you that you are loved and your feelings are very valid. I relate so much to your words. I felt very much the same and was met with very much the same attitude. It wasn’t until I was older and able to move out that I actually had the realisation that not everybody feels this way and it’s not okay to have to go through life feeling this way. Your struggles are very valid and I hope that maybe your parents would be open to discussing you going to see a dr. If you need to talk and don’t feel like your parents or people around you have been hearing you, please feel free to come here and talk. We are here to listen and support.

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, its been a while since you posted, I wanted to check in on you and see how you are? I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time and that you feel so unheard and un validated at home, your mental health problems are extremely important to us and I want you to know that you can open up to us any time you like, as much as you like and there will always be someone here to listen. Its exhausting when you are sad and no one takes your feelings seriously. Please know that you are safe and cared for here and you now have a place where we have you back. Much Love Lisa x

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